Posters that I've blocked being quoted

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Posters that I've blocked being quoted 

Post#1 » by tecumseh18 » Wed Jun 9, 2021 4:17 pm

On Twitter, a block is a complete block - even if a tweet is quoted or liked by someone I'm following. But in RealGM, why can't the blocking algorithm carry over to quotations of blocked posters? It shouldn't be that hard to code.
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Re: Posters that I've blocked being quoted 

Post#2 » by Hal14 » Sat Jun 26, 2021 4:03 am

was literally just wondering this myself.

You can't even block someone on realgm, right? all you can do is "add them as a foe"

But apparently all that does is hide that person's posts. You can still see that they are posting - it just makes their posts less visible. And the people you put on your foes list apparently can still see your posts and quote them. It's so frustrating!

I want to block certain people, so I never see there posts (or even their username) and also they never see my posts (or my username)'s like neither of us exist to the other person. It's like that on facebook and twitter. why can't it be like that on realgm?
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Re: Posters that I've blocked being quoted 

Post#3 » by kyphi » Sun Jun 27, 2021 1:00 pm

I used to feel that way. Now I get a chuckle from reading their retorts in others' posts because the blocked person is usually made fun of. This is a message board where mostly strangers interact, and posting here should be fun. If it's no longer entertaining, maybe you need a short break. I've been where you are. Learn to laugh at this drama that is really unimportant in the long run.
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Re: Posters that I've blocked being quoted 

Post#4 » by Howard Mass » Sun Aug 29, 2021 4:29 pm

This should be posted here.

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