Notes beside friends and foes

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Notes beside friends and foes 

Post#1 » by Rigodon666 » Tue Nov 16, 2021 7:03 pm

Hello, I've not been here for that long but I made a good list of friends (People who are nice in discussions, can acknowledge when they are wrong, give proper credits during arguments, show tremendous knowledge on some topics, etc etc ) and foes (Lack of respect, trolling hot takes, no interesting contribution/derailing threads, etc).

So, I would like the option to have notes beside names in my list so I can know WHY I put them in these lists lol. The friends are fine, but the foes.. that would be a useful thing to have so I could reassess my position towards them and remove them from this list as time goes on (by reading some of their posts/quotes). That would give me a perspective to exanimate and go : "Ha yeah, he was on this list because he was just making baseless assumptions about X players and he is still doing it....", or the opposite of course "For a hot takes machine, he seems to have started a couple of nice threads with decent arguments and positions".

I think I might just keep an excel sheet nearby.
I love this site and community btw :).

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