Suggestions to make “General Other Sports Talk” more active

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Suggestions to make “General Other Sports Talk” more active 

Post#1 » by Dr Positivity » Mon Apr 25, 2022 5:20 pm

1. Tweak the name to “General Sports Talk”. This is a small distinction but potentially would help. My idea would be that if you want to make threads that cross sports like Brady vs Lebron you would do it in this forum. Or for example I lurk the hockey version of realgm and they currently have some active threads like “What are the worst trades in sports history” or “Who are the most underrated athletes?"

2. Make it more visible by moving in onto the index page under “More Boards”. Its location isn’t solely responsible for General Sports low activity as ones like Boxing and Wrestling do fine in the same spot, while Australian is on the index page and is dead, but nonetheless it could help a bit.

I believe there could be more discussion about things like tennis (used to have an active community here), golf and F1 on RealGM if the Other Sports forum wasn’t tucked away and dead
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