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Re: All Advertising Questions 

Post#381 » by Invictus88 » Tue Jan 4, 2022 6:34 pm

LakerLegend wrote:The site is terribly laggy, especially on mobile.

I'm almost certain the site is losing traffic because of it, I certainly am discouraged from browsing on mobile because of it.

I never view this site with any browser other than Brave with ad-blocking turned on because of how badly it performs compared to literally any other forum site or web page that's actually not malware.

If you are a standard Chrome user I can't see how you could possibly last very long without abandoning the site.

I don't have actual metrics but I don't see a lot of new blood as I peruse the forums daily (besides the obvious alts of various posters). The only reason I stay is because I've already been here awhile and know how to navigate/turn off the ads to make the experience tolerable.

As a new user I would have never engaged in the first place.

The fact that this behavior warrants a stickied 20 page ad-related thread should be proof enough that the current approach is problematic.

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