Minor League Fantasy 2 (please read inside)

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Minor League Fantasy 2 (please read inside) 

Post#1 » by jman3134 » Sun Jan 11, 2015 10:32 pm

Given the heightened level of competition in the D League these days, I believe it is time we do a second go around for minor league fantasy. This will be done a bit differently this year. I will need 6+ participants for the league and 3-5 judges to evaluate the competitors. We will change things up a bit this time. Each participant will first be responsible for creating a team name and logo, specifying an arena, and providing a brief business plan. This plan will be evaluated by judges at the end of the season and it will be determined who has the most viable plan to bring fans into the seats. The plan should include potential promotional opportunities or an idea for halftime performances etc. It doesn't need to be too involved, as team wins are a strong indicator of an ability to put fans in the stands.

As for the regular season competition, we will be drafting players on a tiered scale. Each of us will draft a 15 man roster (10 rounds + a final 6 selection in the last round). I will provide eligible players and tiers to determine the available pool we can pick from. Much of the roster can be from current D League competition, but we will also be able to draw from non-Euroleague overseas players, other minor leagues, currently inactive players, etc. Each team will play once a week for 6 weeks plus a playoff. In each matchup, every individual team will be responsible for arguing why their team has an edge, and ultimately 3+ judges will vote on the matchup. each judge will be responsible for logging on and providing very brief detail as to who won a given matchup and why. Nothing crazy here (don't expect much of a time commitment from them).

Lastly, we will finish off with a playoff based on single elimination. Please post if you have any interest in this competition, as I believe we will put the Realgm in "Realgm.com".

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