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Create Your Minor League Team Contest 

Post#1 » by jman3134 » Tue Feb 8, 2022 9:05 pm

This is something that we have done in the past. I want to get some participants here on the only hidden board I moderate :lol: .

Let's see who can create the top US minor league roster. High school players are ineligible, as this isn't Overtime Elite.

Roster composition is as follows:

1) G League guys not on 2 way contracts are eligible (limit of 5 per roster)

2) American and foreign nationals playing overseas are eligible (limit of 5 per roster)

3) Players not currently active overseas or in the G League, but may be playing in additional minor leagues in the US/Canada, or may be inactive players who formerly played in the G League/overseas (limit of 4 per roster)

First, I want to see who is interested. Then we will conduct a draft with an order that is randomized and reverse snake style.

You can create your own or adopt your own logo.

When the draft is complete, we will have team matchups and debate the winning outcome of each game based on roster composition.

Who is interested?

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