Draymond Green Concerned How New CBA Will Impact Lower Earning Players

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Re: Draymond Green Concerned How New CBA Will Impact Lower Earning Players 

Post#21 » by FNQ » Tue Dec 20, 2016 9:50 pm

dice wrote:
ozthegap wrote:
IWishIWasHarden wrote:An NBA player concerned about income inequality. That's new. What about the owners of teams charging as much money as they can from lower class, working class and lower middle class citizens just so the players can make as much money as possible. How does that make you feel Draymond?

Dude if you think the owners do that so the players can make there money you're a fool. The owners are looking out for numero uno and no one else

i don't think that was his point. he's saying that it's ironic that draymond is concerned with the poorest millionaires rather than the fans, who are being gouged in order to pay players SO much that a million bucks or more per year is considered peanuts. the two guys he specifically expressed concern about on his team will be making 1.5 - 1.6 mil a year in the new CBA. with 10% raises each year. i sure as hell don't feel bad for them

He's been moderately active in politics as well, so its no surprise he's going for this at the NBA level too. Mostly gun control, but he also retweeted a lot of "Fight for 15" stuff a while back. But that didnt get a RGM headline so..
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