RealGM Radio: Sam Vecenie on the Draft Lottery

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RealGM Radio: Sam Vecenie on the Draft Lottery 

Post#1 » by RealGM Wiretap » Fri May 19, 2017 8:35 am

Host Danny Leroux (@DannyLeroux) and NBA Draft expert Sam Vecenie of the Sporting News (@Sam_Vecenie) break down the impact of the NBA draft lottery and much more.

They discuss how the final draft order affects the options for the Celtics, Lakers and 76ers; which teams could move up or down in the lottery; potential extension candidates and much more.

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Re: RealGM Radio: Sam Vecenie on the Draft Lottery 

Post#2 » by JoeTea » Sat May 20, 2017 4:29 pm

Rational Celtics fan here,

Sorry but that whole discussion about trading for Jimmy Butler was so frustrating and terrible :banghead:

At first. Sam's take there was horrible to begin that conversation. In what world would the Celtics offer the 2018 BKN pick (which I believe is top 5-6 at bare minimum, very likely to get top 3-5), sweeten it with their own 1st rounder (24-29?), and then include Bradley or Smart, our number 3 overall pick Jaylen Brown, and a cheap cost controlled 23 year old guard in Rozier...who has potential and if you look has barely played NBA minutes over his two seasons in the league.

But then amending it to include the signing of Hayward as a stipulation was at least better, although I think it is very clear that this Celtics team has no chance to compete against Cleveland, let alone the Warriors, for at least a 3-5 year window.

Oh? In that same 3-5 year window we will have Jaylen Brown, a 3rd overall pick that could be a Jimmy Butler level player possibly down the road, developing, Fultz a 1st overall pick at the PG developing into his prime almost, the 2018 BKN pick having a solid 3-5 years league experience and developing. + Zizic, Yabusele, Rozier and Smart all developing or reaching their primes, one or more could pan out into something.

Even with Hayward + Butler, or Hayward + George added to this team (minus Bradley and/or Crowder, minus Brown apparently, minus Rozier whatever) the Celtics are just a distant 3rd to Cle and GS, and our team will decline on the same timeline.

Isaiah Thomas is a UFA after next year and he will command a 5 year max contract. He will be 29.7-34.3 years old throughout that contract roughly, come playoff time he will be 30.3 years old in the first year of the contract.

Hayward will be over 30 in 3 years time before mid-season. Butler as you guys noted will be 30 soon.

Any trade for Butler involving our 3rd pick from last year and our future 2018 BKN pick that could very well be top 3 again, would be an utter disaster that would set our franchise back 5-10 years possibly.

Also, sorry Vecenie, but IT is not a top 10 player in the league as you said. IT is top 15 at very best, and I think he is more like 17-23 overall in the league based on talent. I don't care that he made 2nd team all-nba this season or was an MVP candidate, he's the only scoring option, high usage, on a team with no other scoring options or ball-handlers really.

Paul George didn't even make an all-nba team, so is IT better simply because of that arbitrary award? No. I could list out 15-20 players better than IT but I've already written enough.

Love the podcast though, and I love Dunc'd on as well. Great stuff, and Sam was great too, not trying to pile on and perhaps you were being the "Bulls" in at that point in the podcast, but holy hell it was frustrating for me to listen to.

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