David Falk: NBPA Has Done Poor Job Policing Rules, Illegal Inducements

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David Falk: NBPA Has Done Poor Job Policing Rules, Illegal Inducements 

Post#1 » by RealGM Wiretap » Mon Nov 11, 2019 4:51 pm

David Falk believes the NBA's standardization of contracts for rookies has created a culture of corruption since there's less agents can do to differentiate themselves.

"It’s changed dramatically since I got in," said Falk. "When I was in law school looking for a job, it was a tiny business. Today it’s huge, expanding into sports betting, virtual reality, analytics. Now you have to do more than negotiate a deal. You have to be a marketer and a corporate consultant. I never took a marketing course but being a marketer is something I had to learn. It’s something I truly love: negotiating the business side of basketball.

"Now it should take 30 seconds to do a rookie deal because they put a scale, a maximum in. It’s taken the imagination out of being an agent for 75 percent of what I do. Because of that standardization, if you will, it’s created a high level of corruption. It’s hard to differentiate. There’s money paid to induce players to sign someplace. There’s money paid to train players. It’s unfortunate. I’m not mad. I just don’t like it. I’ve had my run.

"If given the chance, I wouldn’t pay Zion (Williamson) a penny. He’s a great player and, from what I can tell, a terrific young man. But $1 or $1 million, it’s the same. At FAME, we don’t recruit. We don’t support AAU programs, anything going on in today’s environment. The NBA Players’ Union has done a poor job policing the rules and illegal inducements. They haven’t lifted a finger to address it. It’s the Wild West. You’re almost better off having no rules. I have great respect for the woman (Michele Roberts) running it. But they’ve been almost negligent. I always shoot for the stars and play by the rules. So all this change has opened up a whole new career for me."

Via Matthew Gutierrez/The Athletic

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