Kevin Love Describes Practicing With New Safety Measures As 'Weird'

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Kevin Love Describes Practicing With New Safety Measures As 'Weird' 

Post#1 » by RealGM Wiretap » Sat May 9, 2020 5:32 am

Kevin Love said he would have to get used to practicing under the new distancing regulations, describing the scene as "just weird."

Cavs players returned to the practice facility for the first time since the league was suspended in March.

"Was it weird? Yeah. I had [Cavs assistant coach] Dan Geriot at my basket and having him rebound and pass me the ball with a mask and gloves on. It's just odd. It's just weird," Love said.

Players and team personnel must stand 12 feet apart under new guidelines, with only four players allowed inside the facilities at one time.

Love added that returning to practice gave him a sense of normalcy.

"For me, I played 25-ish years of organized basketball and this is the longest I've ever gone without touching [a basketball]. And it's something I really, really enjoy doing. ... Going out there and having some sense of normalcy and getting on the court and actually shooting was pretty uplifting."

Via Dave McMenamin/ESPN

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Re: Kevin Love Describes Practicing With New Safety Measures As 'Weird' 

Post#2 » by Jordans_Rose » Sat May 9, 2020 1:12 pm

Just cancel the season, it's not worth it. The economy is going to get worse and players are paid highly absurd contracts. This virus is just one of the problems that will manifest itself with more problems in the future. I don't mean this particular virus, but other viruses as well. Players, the league and companies would have to restructure their economic plans. This world is driven by capitalism and wealth at some point people refuse to tackle on these issues head on and make pointless tic toc videos or drink themselves silly by partying like morons. When you think about it, we live in a pretty dysfunctional, sinful world and we normalize because reading scriptures of God it's clear to me that we will witness the prophecies foretold over 1400 years ago. I do believe the economy will get worse, I do believe food will become scarce, I do believe WW3 will happen. Sports helps us take our minds off things, I get it, it does for me as well. But I try to be a realist by understanding these issues that plague us. If we truly want peace in this world, no wars, less oppression, less division, for matters to be rectified and handled correctly by just, morally right governments than we will have to give up things we enjoy potentially.

Because I think the signs that were foretold are starting to unfold an that will lead the way to Jesus and the 12th imam providing that global justice and peace this world craves. My post is not meant to be odd, or off topic or negative, at the end of the day NBA basketball is not what we live and die by and we cannot run away from God's words. This is not meant to be preachy, again I am just trying to be honest and truthful with my words. I'm not getting into the whole semantics of what the NBA is dealing with. However, cases around the world (North America in general) continue to rise and if fans can't be apart of it why bother? There's a possibility where a vaccine is not created then what? We could be essentially working from home, doing courses from home. This world can be a fairly odd place to encounter and if things keep moving in a downwards direction I wouldn't be surprised if governments wanted to push for a world war where more people risk their lives.
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Re: Kevin Love Describes Practicing With New Safety Measures As 'Weird' 

Post#3 » by Bk68 » Sun May 10, 2020 4:52 pm

Why doesn't Jesus give us the vaccine? Maybe he's fake

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