Rob Manfred: We Owe It To Our Fans To Be Better

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Rob Manfred: We Owe It To Our Fans To Be Better 

Post#1 » by RealGM Wiretap » Thu Jun 25, 2020 12:34 pm

Rob Manfred has addressed the anger of many fans during the financial fight between Major League Baseball and the players\' association over the past three months.

\"We need to get back on the field, and we need to in a less-charged environment start to have conversations about how we -- and the we in that sentence is the commissioner\'s office, my staff, the clubs and the MLBPA and the players -- can be better going forward,\" the commissioner said. \"We owe it to our fans to be better than we\'ve been last three months.\"

MLB already has experienced four straight seasons of declining average attendance.

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Re: Rob Manfred: We Owe It To Our Fans To Be Better 

Post#2 » by _s_t_u_r_t_ » Thu Jun 25, 2020 2:25 pm

A good start, Mr. Manfred, would be to acknowledge that the most recent scientific polling available says 65% of your customers/fans prefer the no-DH form of the game, compared to just 25% otherwise. Arguably as important is that only 10% of your customers have no preference at all.

We care about being able to watch the form of the game that we enjoy. But you don't, the players don't, and for whatever reason the baseball media don't talk about this.

And that 65% wasn't a one-off. In the previous poll done in 2015, the Public Policy Polling firm found it was 55% preferring no designated hitter.

You're not wrong to want to unify the game.

But you are wrong to attempt to unify the game in a way that eliminates one form or the other from ever being played again. There is an ample number of compromise options that are out there worthy of consideration. Making it a binary choice is disrespectful, even if you were disrespecting the minority. In this case, you're disrespecting a landslide majority.

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