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PFF Gives Aaron Rodgers Negative Grade For Week 3

Posted: Tue Sep 29, 2015 4:05 pm
by RealGM Wiretap

Aaron Rodgers had an overall grade of -0.8 by Pro Football Focus.

Rodgers had 333 passing yards, five touchdowns, no interceptions and a 138.5 passer rating, which are simply video game numbers.

But PFF three of his touchdowns were thrown short of the end zone on speed outs to Randall Cobb that make for a zero-graded throw.

Rodgers had a fumble in the second quarter that earned a negative grade and he also had a throw early in the third quarter that should have been a pick-six for the Kansas City Chiefs.

"The greatness of Rodgers’ performance last night was in the intangibles," writes Stockwell. "Recognizing the blitz, drawing the defense offsides, catching the Chiefs in bad situations and exploiting those scenarios with simple passes to open receivers. But you cannot — and we do not try to — quantify intangibles, or what comes pre-snap. Our system grades what can be graded — the execution of the play post-snap — and in that regard Rodgers did not stand out in the same way that his statistics did."

Via Ben Stockwell/Pro Football Focus