Video Surfaces Of Kareem Hunt Pushing Woman

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Video Surfaces Of Kareem Hunt Pushing Woman 

Post#1 » by RealGM Wiretap » Fri Nov 30, 2018 8:19 pm

TMZ has published video of Kareem Hunt allegedly pushing and then kicking a woman at a hotel in Cleveland.

Hunt gets restrained by his acquaintances before the woman slapped at him. Hunt then turns around the corner and runs into a man who collides with the woman, sending both to the floor.

The NFL has yet to take any action against Hunt. It is not clear if the NFL pursued a copy of the video that TMZ obtained.

Via New York Post

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Re: Video Surfaces Of Kareem Hunt Pushing Woman 

Post#2 » by Barcs » Fri Nov 30, 2018 8:36 pm

LOL! I knew the Chiefs were too good to be true. These dudes just love to piss their careers away.
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Re: Video Surfaces Of Kareem Hunt Pushing Woman 

Post#3 » by Caballeros » Mon Dec 3, 2018 3:41 am

A lot of outrage, most of it is fake.

The question that must be asked, and nobody wants to go near it (its easier to just feel superior than work for a solution), is what should/can a man do when a woman attacks him. What should we teach young men to do in those situations.

"Call the police" is not enough. That can mean wait two hours in many places. Men do get physically attacked by women, it actually happens. Whether on video or not we have to find an answer to this question.
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Re: Video Surfaces Of Kareem Hunt Pushing Woman 

Post#4 » by 23artest23 » Tue Dec 4, 2018 12:26 pm

I really, truly feel for Kareem. I was raised by a single mother, respect women, and would never intentionally lay a foul hand on a woman. Then I sat in my car one day as my girlfriend disagreed with me. She started punching me in the face. I ignored it, kept taking the punches. Somewhere between punch 7 and 9, my body had a reaction and she caught an elbow to her nose. As it would be, it was the bloodiest mess I've ever seen in person. I felt terrible for it. I never made a choice to hit her, tried my best otherwise, and though it sounds like BS (to even myself), it was absolutely not a choice I made. I compare it to when the doctor smacks your knee with the triangular tool that causes an involuntary reaction. Though I did nothing wrong, I spent the rest of the day covering my tracks and trying to insure this female didn't get me thrown in jail. Shortly after, I left this crazy female and thank heavens she is a part of the past.

When I watched that video, I saw a female that was baiting Kareem. I saw a female that was the aggressor up until she ended up on the hotel floor. I saw a female trying to cause an altercation, provoke a fight, and/or make a scene. It doesn't excuse Kareem from the supposed "kick" at the end but folks need to recognize this female isn't a victim. At all. She got what she wanted so if she needs a label, call her a winner. And TMZ? Pure filth and nothing from TMZ should be even close to trusted.

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