What happened to Argentina?

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Re: What happened to Argentina? 

Post#21 » by Paul Overt » Wed Jul 1, 2020 9:23 am

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Re: What happened to Argentina? 

Post#22 » by Mr Puddles » Wed Jul 1, 2020 9:36 am

agustin1981-ARG wrote:I´m from Argentina. My english is not excellent but I could explain.

Basketball here in Argentina is the second or third sport...not now, always. The problem maybe is the investment or without a really true scheme for the future. These is something that happend in all the country....we are like Greece in that terms. We have much very good players playing in Spain....now two young players are going to play with Dallas and San Antonio....but thats all. It will be very difficult and long years to have another Ginobili.

My brother in law is from Argentina and he tells me the same thing. There's soccer, then there's a huge gap of nothingness, and then there are the other sports. Basically all money and efforts are focussed on soccer, and whatever scraps are left may be allocated towards things like basketball.

This is how it is in most European countries as well. As much as the rest of the world has 'caught up' and produced talent in recent years - basketball is still very much an afterthought.

Really the only country that pumps as much money, effort etc. into basketball as the US is China - they're basically the New York Knicks of FIBA, lots of money - no results (no offence Knick fans).

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