Hanoi Buffaloes - Headaches with foreign affairs in the VBA season 2018

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Hanoi Buffaloes - Headaches with foreign affairs in the VBA season 2018 

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Shortage of foreign troops? Fans are unhappy with the quality of foreign troops? What would the Buffaloes do to solve this problem?
VBA 2018 is about to officially start, today is the final deadline for VBA teams to list their home ground for the new season. However, after the Trade Show to change Hoang Ca to pick up Cantho Catfish Pick, Hanoi Buffaloes surprised when picking two young faces Huynh Khang and Huynh Thanh Tam on the Draft.
Trade deal for the blockbuster of the 2018 VBA season

With what was shown last season, the position of PG is none other than Vietnamese guy Vincent Nguyen. He scored an average of 14.27 points per game, successfully completed 4.27 goals, successfully throwing up to 88% with 5.67 assists per game, it is hard for anyone to compete with him in this position in the main team. There are 2 positions SG, SF, currently in the team of Hanoi Buffaloes have many players have to beat these two positions as Tien Duong, Dinh Tien Cong, Nguyen Thanh Dat, Stefan Nguyen Tuan Tu. These players are versatile and defensive players who are fit for Todd Purves' Small Ball tactics.

In the transfer market there are rumors that Le Ngoc Tu - VBA 2016 best player will be traded to Hanoi Buffaloes after the player does not intend to play for Saigon Heat. If this rumor turns out to be true, the Hanoi Buffaloes will have a very good card.
What about the position under the table? This is probably the most fanciful question for HNB.
On the draft day, Hochiminh Citywings surprised everyone by picking up Pham Thanh Tung - the experienced player in the experience of the Hanoi Buffaloes 2 last season.
With the loss of both Pham Thanh Tung and Dang Thai Hung, in the hands of Hanoi Buffaloes only young player Huynh Khang for the position under the basket. Does the Hanoi Buffaloes risk venturing into Huynh Khang or will there be another trade deal to bring about another hit factor?
Finally, the foreign position, the position always makes the fans of Hanoi Buffaloes not satisfied in the past two seasons. While Cantho Catfish and Thanglong Warriors have DeAngelo Hamilton and Jaywuan Hill, the Hochiminh City Wings also owns the name Quinton Doggett, while the Hanoi Buffaloes are still inactive.

Foreign changes in the mid-season of the VBA 2017 did not help the Hanoi Buffaloes advance in the Playoffs
This is probably the most painful problem for the Hanoi Buffaloes when the strike position is empty. Does the Hanoi Buffaloes find a good foreigner for this position: good height, ability to lean but still flexible in the area under the basket?

Having solved this problem, having an excellent foreigner along with the available team, surely the Hanoi Buffaloes will become one of the formidable opponents for the VBA championship this season. How does the Buffalo Buffalo deal with this problem? Let's wait and see!

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