Vassilis Spanoulis Is The EuroLeague's All Time Top Scorer

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Vassilis Spanoulis Is The EuroLeague's All Time Top Scorer 

Post#1 » by Mirotic12 » Sat Jan 4, 2020 11:50 am

Jan 02, 2020 by


Spanoulis is the new EuroLeague scoring king!

The Turkish Airlines EuroLeague has a new all-time scoring king, none other than Vassilis Spanoulis of Olympiacos Piraeus! After tying the record with a hanging layup late in the game, Spanoulis swished a step-back triple with 2 minutes, 39 seconds left to give him 4,155 points for his career, surpassing the previous all-time scoring mark of 4,152 set by Juan Carlos Navarro of FC Barcelona. Spanoulis, 37, would score for 14 points in the game and a career total of 4,157, the most by any player in EuroLeague history and a number that he stands to keep raising with each passing game.

Spanoulis is EuroLeague's career leader in several statistical categories. Earlier this season, he passed Navarro to have the highest accumulated performance index rating ever, which now stands at 3,941. He is also the all-time EuroLeague leader in assists, with 1,483, and in free throws made, with 1,078. On Thursday, he also moved up to second all-time with 473 three-pointers, behind only Navarro's 623.


EuroLeague scoring king Vassilis Spanoulis

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Re: Vassilis Spanoulis Is The EuroLeague's All Time Top Scorer 

Post#2 » by UcanUwill » Mon Jan 6, 2020 5:49 pm

good player, but one downside of Euroleague format always changing, is that new players will shatter all these records, because we get more and more Euroleague games being played.

Anyway, altho I think op overrates Spanoulis to absurd degree, he still is one of the most clutch players of the decade, man was born for big moments. Definitely the best Euroleague player of past decade.

We kicked new decade super strong when talking about EUroleague star power. For how terrible last year was, when he got scrub like Vesely win MVP, this year we got Larkin, DeColo, Shved, Calathes. Mirotic and Mike James. We used to have Siskauskas, Jasikevicius, Scola, Macijauskas (man, what happened to good Lithuanian players?), Diamantidis, Papaloukas and Parker, but current crop of stars is living up a part at least so far this year.
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Re: Vassilis Spanoulis Is The EuroLeague's All Time Top Scorer 

Post#3 » by LuDux1 » Mon Jan 6, 2020 10:56 pm

UcanUwill wrote:(man, what happened to good Lithuanian players?)

They became EL head coaches. 3 - must be record
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Re: Vassilis Spanoulis Is The EuroLeague's All Time Top Scorer 

Post#4 » by THE J0KER » Tue Jan 7, 2020 4:57 am

Navarro and Spanoulis records would stay forever if the format is not changed. De Colo for points and Calathes for assists are in great positions to overtake them in 2023 or so.

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