GOAT: The Jordan Thread

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Re: GOAT: The Jordan Thread 

Post#461 » by UNCNYC » Mon Jun 1, 2020 5:58 pm

My apoligies as I didn't mean it if it sounded like my height is the perfect size for playing... When I grew up most thought everything Jordan did was great so they loved his height and often coaches loved it because it was a height that could switch and guard/play multiple positions... but I didn't mean it as it being the perfect height for playing... One of the reasons the bulls were great because they had so many guys who were long and athletic who could guard anyone at anytime.

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Re: GOAT: The Jordan Thread 

Post#462 » by dc » Tue Jun 30, 2020 10:19 pm

_tijo_ wrote: He doesn't know that you need to spend money and hire the best progressive thinking people in order to have a successful business or product. In Lowe and Woj's reporting, they basically say that Michael cuts corners, not in player contracts because our payroll is bloated, but in his front office, in the organization, and in the people around him. In his mind, why pay for all this scouting, when he can just decide on his own (or his son or brother will tell him, who are worse because they have the same mentality, without the talent). Want to know why we don't go and make creative deals? Because we don't have the infrastructure to be able to have opinions on other team's young talent or hidden gems. We've always just dealt for temporary fixes, known commodities at the end of their usefulness. Instead of planning for a long term future, we give $19m a year to Terry Rozier, who had that one run in the playoffs two years ago, and is at best a temporary patch job for the gaping hole that Kemba left. Woj and Lowe openly wonder what we are doing. I don't disagree. And I'm sure Kemba also felt the same.

I'm not a Hornets fan, but this is a great post and this is the part that really highlights it.

MJ has a penchant for going with the known commodities, as you said. That's why he seemingly has a fetish for drafting only the known NCAA players from successful known programs: Sean May, Felton, Adam Morrison, DJ Augustin, MKG, Zeller, Kaminsky. All these guys had success playing at well known programs and most also had success in the NCAA tournament. They were the "name" players in the NCAA.

The outlier and opposite of that would be Biyombo (who I'm sure Cho was high on). That probably turned him off on those kind of raw/unknown prospects.

But the result is that the Hornets end up only seeing the league 2 dimensionally. They only just see what's on the surface, and they don't have any further insights on hidden gems, as you mentioned. To have an edge in this league, you have to see some things that others aren't seeing.

Basically, you want to be the team that unearths Ben Wallace from the depths of the unknown (like the Pistons did). You DON'T want to be the team that overpays Ben Wallace by the time he's past his prime (like the Bulls did). The Hornets need to be less like the latter and more like the former. Easier said than done, of course, but that's the gist of it.
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Adrian Wojnarowski: Not if people make calls on him. Not if an organization is doing their homework and knows all the things he brings with him.

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