Greensboro Swarm: The G-League Thread

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Re: Greensboro Swarm: The G-League Thread 

Post#581 » by luciano-davidwesley » Sun Nov 21, 2021 2:55 am

This nut sack of a team are 0-6 after a six game home stand. They sucked last year too.
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Re: Greensboro Swarm: The G-League Thread 

Post#582 » by BurrellFor3 » Sun Nov 21, 2021 3:23 am

Liver_Pooty wrote:
BurrellFor3 wrote:This board is brutal. You guys are giving up on our two first round picks after what, a couple garbage minutes for the hornets, and two full swarm games? You guys all knew that Kai was a project with huge upside, yet you all complain about that now. And Bouk has effortlessly (literally) dropped 33 and 27 with solid boards/assists/steals to go with that, and you guys just want to rip on the dude. How good can Bouk and Kai possibly look on an absolutely miserable Swarm team?? Because that certainly isn’t doing them any favors in looking any better, since no one wants to pass, or is incapable of distributing and running any sort of an offense. Give them time, they will be developed. Be happy the hornets are so loaded that the rooks can’t crack the rotation yet.

In the meantime, try and enjoy the holidays you grumpy bastards!

Lol. I certainly hope you aren't referring to me.

Lol, I don’t remember exactly who said what, and I don’t have time to go back and look, but I was half joking anyways, as evidence by my last sentence. Life is short, I don’t take things too seriously. As I’ve stated here before, I’ve been a diehard UConn fan my entire life and want to see Bouk succeed, but after watching the last 3 swarm games, I can see why he doesn’t have a spot in the rotation yet on the hornets.

He was great at being ball dominant at UConn vs lesser competition, but even in the gleague he’s running into some issues, particularly in those pressure moments at the very end of games. The good news is that he probably doesn’t ever have to be “the guy” on an NBA team, and will likely always be that 2nd or 3rd option, where I think he will eventually do fine, but he does have a lot of growing to do. I’m confident he will get there though, and also confident he looks a lot better when he’s not dominating the ball especially in crunch time situations, at least at this stage of his career, and when he’s playing with better players surrounding him.
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Re: Greensboro Swarm: The G-League Thread 

Post#583 » by BigSlam » Today 2:26 pm

Hey, the Swarm had their 1st win last night on the back of Big Vern putting up 27 and 14!!

Thor went for 21 and 7 as well.

They beat the Legends, who were 5-1 prior to this game - so a good win.
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