People don't talk enough about how awful the Hornets are

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Re: People don't talk enough about how awful the Hornets are 

Post#181 » by Rich4114 » Tue Jul 30, 2019 3:06 pm

amcoolio wrote:I love Kemba but lets be honest, he was super unclutch and not on Lillard's level. Swap Kemba and Lillard and the Hornets never miss the playoffs.

I've actually thought about this a lot. It's really strange because in the 4th quarter and last 4 mins of games - Kemba was very clutch. He was always near the top in 4th quarter scoring. However, I remember seeing a stat of his shots to tie the game or take the lead in the last 30 seconds of games or something and it was insanely low. So I think you're right, as much as we love Kemba and as much as he dominated during the 4th quarter. But basically, if we didn't secure the win with like 2 mins remaining then we were likely losing.
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Re: People don't talk enough about how awful the Hornets are 

Post#182 » by Benjamin Linus » Tue Jul 30, 2019 5:45 pm

What doesn't get talked about enough is not trading Lamb+Frank last season. Regardless if Kemba stayed or left, Lamb and Frank were gonners. Everyone in the world knew we weren't going to make the playoffs unless we upgraded our roster (which we didn't) so why did we keep them around? It still bothers me that we were shopping Frank while giving him like 5 minutes a game. Seems counterintuitive, especially when we started to give him real minutes post-deadline and he actually looked like someone with at least some trade value.

I think we could have packaged them together and got a late first and there were a lot of good prospects late in this draft.
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Re: People don't talk enough about how awful the Hornets are 

Post#183 » by Vanderbilt_Grad » Wed Jul 31, 2019 10:09 pm

I can’t imagine that there were compelling offers for frank so that doesn’t concern me. Lamb has a long history with Kemba and was one of the more productive guys on the roster last year. With hindsight ... knowing the team whiffs on the playoffs and Kemba leaves moving him makes sense. But honestly it seemed like they thought they still had a chance at both back then. And we have no idea if there were reasonable offers in play either.
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Re: People don't talk enough about how awful the Hornets are 

Post#184 » by catch20two » Wed Jul 31, 2019 10:16 pm

I believe the reasoning for not trading Frank or Lamb was Kupchak not wanting to add any lengthy contracts onto the books knowing that both were set to be free agents. I would say the same with Kemba but that’s why the Rozier return is so odd.
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