GT charlotte vs houston 5PM EST

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Re: GT charlotte vs houston 5PM EST 

Post#41 » by UNCNYC » Mon Mar 9, 2020 2:47 am

Lwcasu wrote:
UNCNYC wrote:Winning when you could be tanking feels like getting the girl of your dreams when you are 100 and she is 99 years old.

Winning when you could be tanking feels a little different to me. You may be 100 and she may be 99, but you got five on the side who are all 20. That’s still winning.


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Re: GT charlotte vs houston 5PM EST 

Post#42 » by Snidely FC » Mon Mar 9, 2020 1:38 pm

the thing I've noticed is that our young guys seem to have competitive streaks

Cody Martin, for instance, after Murray hit that dagger over him at end of DEN game, Thing 1 went back to the bench and punched a chair

Caleb was completely unintimidated going up against James Harden Sunday, in fact I think he really annoyed the crap out of Beardy

McDaniels has shown poise and fight beyond usual rookie status, like the Martins drawing charges and grabbing rebounds

PJ seems to be a fighter, raining 3s

and we've all seen how hype Graham gets

I don't see these guys out there trying to pad stats or just buy playing time they seem to have competitive personalities and genuine hunger to win. there are an awful lot of talented basketball players out there so many times the difference between excellence and washing out of this league is competitive spirit. I'd say we got some precocious ones along those lines. I say encourage that, don't tamp that down at this point, not when the bounce of the ping pong ball is so random
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Re: GT charlotte vs houston 5PM EST 

Post#43 » by BigSlam » Mon Mar 9, 2020 5:28 pm

yosemiteben wrote:Magic are up 25 on Hou with Westbrook playing, so thinking it's more a Hou problem.

BigSlam wrote:Houston is nuts going with that mega small line up. D’antoni, with his SSOL and mega small line up concepts is trying to be TOO revolutionary IMO. it’s why his teams, while loaded with talent, will always come up short of being as good as they should be.

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