Update: New Signature and Avatar Policy Implemented

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Update: New Signature and Avatar Policy Implemented 

Post#1 » by Howard Mass » Wed May 9, 2012 10:34 am

RealGM Users,

Our new Signature and Avatar Policy has been implemented.

Users may upload Signatures and Avatars from Imageshack.US, Imgur.com, Photobucket.com and Tinypic.com

Signatures may now also be up to 550 by 90.

Any signatures and avatars that were uploaded before the implementation that are from unapproved site or are above the current Signature Size limit remain.

We ask that you change these if you have them. If myself or a Moderator sees any on the forums, they will be deleted.

If anyone has question or wishes to regain their Signature rights, please send me a PM.

Old Announcement

We have Two Important Signature and Avatar policy changes that we will be implemented starting Monday June 4.

Sites That Users Can Upload Signatures and Avatars From

We are going to restrict where users can upload Signatures and Avatars from to only trusted sites like Photobucket.com and Imageshack.US. We will be taking suggestions in the "Signature and Avatar Site Hosting Requests/Policy Thread" on the Feedback and Suggestions Forum


and adding other trusted sites as we go along and possibly before June 4.

This change is due to various incidents where users have uploaded a Signature or Avatar from an unreliable site that then sets off the virus protection of users. These Signatures and Avatars from those sites then block off that page to some users unless they turn off Signatures and Avatars. The worst thing is users think they have a virus when they do not. By making this change, we will prevent all of this.

If you use other sites besides PhotoBucket.com and imageshack.us, please list them in the above thread that is on our Feedback and Suggestions Forum


and we will consider adding them to the list of approved sites.

Signature Size Limit Change

Our Signature Size Limit is going to be changing and it comes with an application that will not allow any users to exceed it.

Our current Signature Size Limit is 400 by 90 Pixels.

However, we have decided to increase this to 550 by 90 Pixels. :D This will mean Signatures can now be as wide as a post.

Here is an example of the new largest allowed Signature of 550 by 90 Pixels.


On a final note, when these new changes are implemented on June 4, any user who has lost their Signature Rights due to an oversized Signature or past infraction may contact me via Private Message and request them back. Each request will be a case by case basis.

If anyone has any questions or concerns about these changes, please post them on this thread.
R.I.P. Dharam Raghubir (A.K.A. Magnumt)


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