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Search Returns; Imbedding Youtube/Twitter/Instagram

Posted: Thu Jul 28, 2016 5:54 am
by Howard Mass
RealGM Users,

We have some wonderful news for everyone on the return of the search and Youtube, Twiter and Instagram links will now be easier to embed.


The search was taken down for the high than usual traffic period during free agency.

It is now back to the relief of everyone including myself as I was bombarded with E-Mails and PMs about it. :D

Embedding YouTube/Twitter/Instagram

We have made it easier for everyone to embed links from Youtube, Twitter and Instagram.

Users now only have to paste the URL of a YouTube link and it will embed automatically.

The command for ex: [youtube][/youtube] is no longer needed.

Twitter, Instagram and YouTube are all working -- users simply post the direct link and it will format and embed them automatically.

We hope these changes will make the forum experience better for all of you.