predict the amnesty casualties

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Re: predict the amnesty casualties 

Post#16 » by simonbampfield » Wed Jan 23, 2013 11:39 am

oyoyer wrote:
kingofcomedy wrote:Who do u think are locks to be amnestied I guess gooden and artest for sure

Looking at the list it seems like mostly small market teams are left so I don't think anyone is a lock to be amnestied. These are the guys who have enough time left on their contract to be worth amnestying IMO:

Tyrus Thomas
Carlos Boozer
Ron Artest
Mike Miller
Drew Gooden
John Salmons
Andrea Bargnani

There are a couple expiring guys that could be amnestied if it facilitates a move like Villanueva in DET or Kleiza in TOR. But all of these guys could have been amnestied last summer and weren't. So I expect TOR, MIL, and CHA to continue to not spend extra money for guys who don't play for them. If the Lakers lose Dwight and have to retool then I expect Artest to be gone. I have to believe taking the 5 mill cap hit for Miller has to be getting tiring to Riley. And with the sale of the Kings about done, the new owners will actually have some money and realize the value of making Salmons go bye-bye. The Bulls and Boozer is the most interesting, though. CHI will have to have a clear replacement for them to just amnesty him. So he may end up staying another year there. So I'll say three guys get amnestied this coming summer: MWP, Salmons, and Miller

So you make a list of potential amnesty guys and put Salmons in there and he is all but an expiring next season?
The list should be much longer if that's the case, and to top it off Salmons has been very good this season.
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Re: predict the amnesty casualties 

Post#17 » by Kironte » Wed Jan 23, 2013 12:00 pm

Inevitable wrote:
kingofcomedy wrote:^^^ I don't watch the rapts is bargs that bad lately?

Raptors are 4-19 with him and 11-6 without

:lol: GOAT case of addition by subtraction
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Re: predict the amnesty casualties 

Post#18 » by xStanton27 » Wed Jan 23, 2013 12:11 pm

Somebody on the Heat has to get amnestied, Mike Miller?

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