Ranking the Kings prospects

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Re: Ranking the Kings prospects 

Post#21 » by dorkestra » Tue Mar 21, 2017 2:19 am

1. Hield
2. Skal
3. WCS
4. Bogdanovic
5. Papagiannis
6. Richardson
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Re: RE: Re: Ranking the Kings prospects 

Post#22 » by RipPizzaGuy » Tue Mar 21, 2017 2:35 am

ppproniplayboy wrote:skal- got me most excited for the kings future based on his recent play the past few weeks. his mid-range/turn-around jumpshots are silky smooth and he's got the most fire in his game. has gotten bullied on the defensive side, but a few offseasons of strength and conditioning should do the trick. i think he has the highest potential of the group.

buddy- thought he was going to be a bust out of college, but boy have i been stoked on what I've seen since the trade. He's shot the ball excellently since he's been a king, and just needs to improve his ball handling skills to be quite the offensive stud.

wcs- inconsistency is the issue with WCS. has had some excellent games, post-cousins, but also games where he puts up 6 points and 2 rebounds in a buttload of minutes. dire need to improve on the boards, but i think he should be fine.

malachi and papa g as unknowns. they have both shown flashes in limited minutes, and both are super young, so anything can happen. Malachi looked like a solid veteran before his hamstring injury, and was already a solid shot creator. definitely excited to see more from him. Papa g, when i first saw him in the summer league, i admit, i didn't think he would be in the nba in a few years. he was this 300 pound stiff, that looked like he had NO game on both ends. major credit to the kings development staff/d league. He lost about 20 pounds since, and has looked like a valuable piece moving forward. Got 14/11 in his first game of meaningful minutes, and followed it up with another double digit rebounding game. He's only 19, and seems like he's got a solid work ethic.

I was definitely bummed after the cousins trade, and thought i lost all hope. but with these four kids, bogdanovic coming over in the summer, and 2 top ten picks in this draft, i'm ecstatic for what's to come.

+1 good evaluation. Couldn't agree more with the trade. Going forward


I'm honestly beyond surprised we look like this after being so short on young players the last few years. We should move Koufos then add a pg and a sf/pf in the draft and go forward with...


I wouldn't mind bringing Tolliver back one more year. I love him as a vet in the lock3r room. Collison on a big 2 year deal as a thank you. This team is super young with temple/tolliver/collison as the vets.

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