"Super Teams" that could have happened.

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Post#41 » by Black Jack » Mon Jun 19, 2017 3:29 am

donkeylips wrote:if the warriors drafted mutombo instead of owens

pg hardaway
sg sprewell
sf mullin
pf webber
c mutombo

I prefer not trading Richmond for Owens =

pg hardwaway
sg richmond
sf sprewell
pf mullin
c webber
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Post#42 » by CeraVe » Mon Jun 19, 2017 3:39 am

Cipoteman wrote:Somehow Presti managed to draft back to back to back 'de fact' MVPs
PG: Westbrook
SG: Harden
SF: Durant
PF: Prime 3BPG Ibaka
Anybody else, this team would've worked in case they had dumped Perk

PG: Chauncey Billups
SG: Vince Carter
SF: Knee-Mac
PF: Marcus Camby
C: Olajuwon (OK, an almost 60 year-old center but still the best center ever to play for the Raptors).

Presti backed off trading for Tyson Chandler after a physical because of he was worried about his health.

may have been enough to get over Miami. Even Pau would have greatly helped OKC few years ago.
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Post#43 » by SinceGatlingWasARookie » Mon Jun 19, 2017 8:55 am

Steven1562 wrote:Rocket's could have had Hakeem Jordan and Drexler back in 1984. 2nd overall + Drexler for Ralph Sampson. Who know's how many titles they would have won.

According to Hakeem the deal also included Fat Lever. It was Sampson, for Drexler, Lever, and the Jordan pick.
The Rockets had Rodney McCray, Robert Reid and drafted Peterson. With Jordan and Drexler and no Sampson the Rockets don't trade Caldwell Jones for Mitchel Wiggins. Caldwell Jones was older but played well for many more years. Rockets had Craig Ehlo and cut him so let's say the Rockets don't cut Ehlo.

Lever, Calvin Natt and Wayne Cooper ended up being traded for Kiki V that year. Rockets had a good young scorer in Lewis Lloyd that they ended up losing to drugs. With Drexler's gone and Sampson added maybe the Blazers trade Cooper for Lloyd.

C: Hakeem, Wayne Cooper, Caldwell Jones, Jim Peterson
PF: Rodney McCray, Caldwell Jones, Jim Peterson, Wayne Cooper
SF: Drexler, Robert Reid, McCray
OG: Jordan, Drexler, Ehlo
PG: Fat Lever, Allen Level, Jordan

This team can play defense, rebounds well, passes very well, has great inside scoring, has great slashing to the rim, has a great fast break.

The team's weakness would be that the outside shooting is mediocre.

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