Did Brook Lopez cry on the bench?

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Re: Did Brook Lopez cry on the bench? 

Post#161 » by John Murdoch » Mon Feb 5, 2018 3:59 pm

playaloc916 wrote:
sca wrote:
breatnach wrote:
The first three are notorious (and belong to the same post), but I don't recognize the others? Got some links?

Maytricks Championship
The day Carl2680 became a legend

Green Apple was a legendary poster (link to profile). You can read some of his wisdom here: viewtopic.php?t=1184551#p32020749

Also, let's not forget about these:
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I remember there was a funny thread about someone who tried to give Sam Mitchell a high five while walking a dog and holding a frisbee in his hands... Is that in one of these threads? I think that one should be added to this list.

Idk if anyone can find it but their was a thread where this Suns fan showed his fan memorabilia in his man cave or something and it turned into a show off ur girlfriend thread my god it was epic
Blackification wrote:I **** hate that crackhead corey brewer
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Re: Did Brook Lopez cry on the bench? 

Post#162 » by Han Solo » Mon Feb 5, 2018 4:03 pm

KyrieEarthing wrote:So I had this huge crush on this girl in 8th grade. All summer long im like doing sit ups thinking when I come back to high school im gonna pull this chick. Remember this is before the internet so we all thought eating weight gainer from GNC and doing sit ups was the key to a woman's heart.

So I'm sitting there chatting with her on aol instant messenger like every night. Her dad is a surgeon so she's rich so she's out shopping a lot. While I'm getting hit up to go raccoon hunting or play street fighter 2 all night.

Anyway I get back to school 9th grade. I'm sitting in front of her. Acting up in class. Growing my hair out. Whatever it takes. But all she cares about are the senior guys. Meanwhile her best friend has sprouted 34c's. So I end up dating her instead. All the while in love with the original girl but hey my gf is giving it up and her dad is rich. Like rich rich. Sold a software business in the 90s.

The original girl finally professes her love to me when I'm 20 or so. I been waiting forever for this but I turn her down im in a 5 year relationship.

Fast forward im 21. Rich girl dumps me bc I'm an alcoholic scumbag who barely know she exist. So I move to NYC to be with my true love. It last less than 2 weeks. She has cats and a 375 sq ft apartment. And she's like dry humping me every night telling me it cant work. I'm real confused. I even have money now why doesn't she love me?

Anyway fast forward like ten years later she wins a contest in Brooklyn and BROOK FREAKING LOPEZ shows up at her place to clean her apartment and film A short marketing video thats now on YouTube.

She looks nothing like she did in high school but deep down I still love her.

Whenever I see Brook spotting up for 3 in the corner I think of what could have been with her. And I dont often tear up physically. But emotionally I do. I can't even bring myself to watch the video of Brook cleaning her apartment. He dusts the high shelves for her because she's only 5'1.

I love you Melissa

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