AD for 3 - WOW bigtime WOW

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AD for 3 - WOW bigtime WOW 

Post#1 » by VeggieBurger » Sun Jun 16, 2019 12:41 am

Ok ok. The situation is now that the reason is that the 3 pointer may in fact ok stop. Do it or do it not have the effect of AD in 2 positions to make it happen in a reverse situation. If so, this is like when you jump 3 times but it looks indigo and not clear like it was supposed to.


Now the 3 stops "in vitro" or otherwise, it may make more sense to put the situation back to like Kendall Gill or when Justine was at the front row.

So with all that being ok no plus it feels on the other side inconclusive. But if you really believe it, then not exactly.

I still think it depends on coco, Ewing, and 3 considerations of a 4th octave with regards to AD and then WOW. The 3. He NAILED it.

What do YOU think is the case but only on Tuesday ok. Please. Plus it has to be better than jamming it.

Ideally do you or do you not or to a lesser extent not depend on physical therapy at 11:15am to be ok stop. Wow AD Wow.
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Re: AD for 3 - WOW bigtime WOW 

Post#2 » by w3027193 » Sun Jun 16, 2019 12:44 am

Best post ever

You said it all man

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