Who is to be blamed for USA failure in FIBA world cup?

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Who is to be blamed for USA failure in FIBA world cup?

Coaching stuff being outcoached
Players playing ISO ball
Superstars refusing to represent their own country
No one. They're just not good enough
No one cares about FIBA world cup
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Re: Who is to be blamed for USA failure in FIBA world cup? 

Post#341 » by Pennebaker » Fri Sep 13, 2019 2:51 am

Spens1 wrote:
Pennebaker wrote:Superstars do not refuse to represent their country. They do so with much enthusiasm and honor at the Olympics.

The issue is that basketball is trying to mimic soccer but nobody cares about a FIBA world cup and you cant force anyone to care just because you've created it.

The only country that has had multiple superstars drop out is the U.S, everyone else has had most of their teams come out (and the only one from an international team that i can tell that dropped off was Simmons for Australia and he got crucified for it as well).

International ball has long been more important to international players vs Americans. Americans think the most important basketball tournament in the world is the NBA playoffs and secondarily the Olympics. FIBA barely registers.

And other countries dont have countless superstars. Greece, for example, has one. So Giannis has more pressure on him to represent being their one guy. If Greece had 20 superstars I'm pretty sure a nice chunk of them would take some time off.

Really its not that big of an issue. Still nobody in the US cares about this tournament.
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Re: Who is to be blamed for USA failure in FIBA world cup? 

Post#342 » by 21 TD » Mon Sep 16, 2019 10:21 pm

FIBA by altering things to the point where it was obvious most of the biggest names in the sport wouldn't play, which obviously affects the U.S.A. the most

Pop doesn't really deserve blame considering all the obvious factors against them (though in the end, they still had the best depth of talent), but he does in this sense: Any other coach would have received it.

The media has created and perpetuated this perception of him being a genius because they refuse to give the biggest 3 their due credit, since they weren't a bunch of clichés that they could market to the masses.

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