Luka Dončič Shoe Deal

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How much do you think Luka Dončič will get from his new shoe Deal

0 - 5 mils a year
5 - 7,5 mils a year
7,5 - 10 mils a year
10 - 12 mils a year
12 mils - 15 mils a year
15 - 20 mils a year
20 mils + a year
Total votes: 107

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Re: Luka Dončič Shoe Deal 

Post#41 » by Sgt Major » Mon Nov 25, 2019 12:43 pm

mixerball wrote:
Sgt Major wrote:I had no idea that Wiggins had an Adidas shoe line until my brother stumbled upon some huge discount on big size shoes, so he bought a pair of those. They're nice, especially when you're a regular guy wearing size 16.

OT: My first thought for Dončić was also Adidas, 10-12 mil/year.

And I want Jokic house slippers.

what happened to "meki ć" on jokic

Autocorrect failed to give respect to my boy Jokić
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Re: Luka Dončič Shoe Deal 

Post#42 » by THE J0KER » Mon Nov 25, 2019 12:54 pm

BlueSan wrote:
So Zion in this summer signed a 10 mils $ + shoe deal with Jordan. Luka Dončič still being a free agent, how much do you think he will be making and with which company and for how long do you think he will sign?

Bellow a list of highest paid NBA players and their shoe deals in 2019

14. - Klay Thompson = $9 mils / a year (ANTA)
13. - Damian Lillard = $10 mils / a year (ADIDAS)
12. - Greek Freak = $10 mils / a year (NIKE)
11. - Derrick Rose = $11 mils / a year (ADIDAS)
10. - Kyrie Irving = $11 mils / a year (NIKE)
9. - Russel Westbrook = $12 mils / a year (JORDAN BRAND)
8. - Dwayne Wade = $12 mils / a year (LI-NING)
7. - Zion Williamson = $13 mils / a year (JORDAN BRAND)
6. - James Harden = $14 mils / a year (ADIDAS)
5. - Kobe Bryant = $16 mils / a year (NIKE)
4. - Steph Curry = $20 mils / a year (UNDER ARMOUR)
3. - Kevin Durrant = $26 mils / a year (NIKE)
2. - LeBron James = $32 mils / a year (NIKE)
1. - Jordan = $130 mils / a year (JORDAN BRAND OWNERSHIP MONEY)

So yeah number 1 is a bit messed up because it is the money Jordan gets from his company not exactly a shoe deal, but still was fun to throw it out there

So here is my prediction:

Company: Adidas
Why? Well because I think Nike will be jumping on Greek freak and will also continue to pay out money to veterans or retired players like LeBron and Kobe, so I actually see Nike topping this one.

I expect a 15 mils deal for Dončič from Adidas, making him the highest paid player from Adidas. I also think they will be affraid of his value going up so they will offer him 6-7 years deal worth in total of 90-100 mils$

Thats my prediction

Luka was taking full advantage of a Free agency so far and was wearing Under Armour, Nike, Jordan, whatever.... which is smart.., the guy is also stylish, trending a bunch, splashy, international market appeal is high, USA market will grow more and more.
If Dončič got a deal this Summer I have a feeling it would be around the mark of 8-10 mils, but with how things are currently shoe manufacturers might want to sign a deal fast before his value hits any higher or Dončič decides he has enough of waiting and signs with someone. So I can see it being an interesting battle with some of the Chinese companies, UnderArmour, Nike and Adidas, maybe even Puma but I dont really see it as they made Kuzma their poster guy hah

The only Company I think is out of the bidding picture is Jordan Brand

Your thoughts guys?

I agree in general with your prediction, but with big BUT.

Adidas is European, a German brand, and it is a kind of humiliation when Nike grabs Dirk Nowitzki and holds that sponsorship two decades. Fact that Adidas is already a sponsor of Luka's compatriot Dragic or teammate Porzingis tells that Luka is a natural target of this Euro giant. Also, if they miss signing Luka they will be mocked for taking Trae Young over Luka Doncic (sounds familiar?).


Luka already playing in Nike shoes and obviously have some strong connections with this company already during his Real Madrid times, so if Nike offers the same money as Adidas (and they are in a position to do it, of course), I see Nike as the frontrunner for Luka sign.
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Re: Luka Dončič Shoe Deal 

Post#43 » by KidAmazin » Mon Nov 25, 2019 1:42 pm

He's gonna be somewhere between the Giannis/Zion range. I don't think his following is big enough to warrant him getting more than that.
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Re: Luka Dončič Shoe Deal 

Post#44 » by BlueSan » Mon Nov 25, 2019 5:21 pm

KidAmazin wrote:He's gonna be somewhere between the Giannis/Zion range. I don't think his following is big enough to warrant him getting more than that.

His following is definitely big enough

1. Latino appeal
All Spanish speaking countries (Hello Latin America + Spain) + Hispanic population has some extra sympathy for Luka cause
a) He speaks fluent Spanish
b) Was playing for Real Madrid which loads of the Latin America Loves

2. Real Madrid Fanbase
a) You dont realize how big of an international organization Real Madrid is.... From their soccer fans to their general brans fans, they are all on board the Luka chu chu train....believe me

3) Europe
Europe wants their hero and it isnt just Greek Freak of Nigerian decendancy.
Luka was playing Euroleague basketball, was playing in The European Championship. Won both titles and like it or not people in Europe definitely see Luka as their hero before the Greek Freak at least popularity wise

4) White population / Non black population
Racism isnt a nice thing, but you know what, knowing that one race has better athleticism and is dominating a certain sport isnt also. All of those people are searching for the next "white" hero to come along and lo and behold he comes and the competition in the "white" circles isnt all the big as in the "black" one

5) Skill lovers
Athleticism versus.... skill discussion for the ages and boy is the skill camp happy to have Luka to talk about. All the people in the world lacking athleticism are making Luka their hero and all young basketball players lacking it as their aspiration...

6) The Looks
Like it or not... looks sell and if you dont think Luka is the poster child for any brand, think again...

7) Attachment, exposure to Shoes, style...
Luka loves his shoes, he shows it displays it...perfect for marketing reasons

8) Style of play
Flashy all over the place = interesting for shoe companies. One of the most flashiest players in the league

9) Novelty sells
People like new things, Luka is the new hype

Luka will sell a **** ton of shoes for whoever signs him....
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Re: Luka Dončič Shoe Deal 

Post#45 » by Sgt Major » Wed Dec 4, 2019 10:52 am

I see that he's wearing PG3s these days. I like that, I just bought a pair before I saw him sporting em. That probably means they're good and all those reviews I read weren't fake. :D
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Re: Luka Dončič Shoe Deal 

Post#46 » by Nikson » Wed Dec 4, 2019 7:06 pm

Price has just plummeted!
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Re: Luka Dončič Shoe Deal 

Post#47 » by walk with me » Wed Dec 4, 2019 7:14 pm

Nike will get luka

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