7-31 NBA Bubble GT (6 games)

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Re: 7-31 NBA Bubble GT (6 games) 

Post#901 » by Packbuckman » Sat Aug 1, 2020 10:57 pm

OldCeltics wrote:
Packbuckman wrote:
OldCeltics wrote:
Celtics won vs. Bucks last night. Giannis fouled out 3 times, and they kept him in the game. :roll:

Smart is one of the best defenders in the league.

Giannis got star calls all night. He literally punched Theis in the stomach, and didn't get a foul. :D

Giannis is probably the best defender in the league and He gets all these ticky tacky calls that smart and others don’t. Giannis open hand did catch Theis on the hip going around a screen it happens all the time with no foul called. The only reason they looked at it was Theis acting job my god it looked like he was shot. And the Celtic players were doing that to try and get Giannis out of the game.

Theis did 0 acting. He got punched in the gut by Giannis who should get suspended.

Your coaches attack on the victim, Theis in this case, should be investigated by league.

It was not a natural motion or defensive stance. Watch it again, he punched Theis.

Bucks are not a good team. Just team of thugs.

Lmfao ya ok there :lol: :lol:
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Re: 7-31 NBA Bubble GT (6 games) 

Post#902 » by Mikistan » Sat Aug 1, 2020 11:09 pm

Celtics fans arguing that they don't get calls is ridiculous
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Re: 7-31 NBA Bubble GT (6 games) 

Post#903 » by DaVoiceMaster » Sun Aug 2, 2020 12:23 am

Roy The Natural wrote:
jamaalstar21 wrote:
Roy The Natural wrote:
Not really... No one's catching Memphis. They're basically a lock. It's most likely Portland/New Orleans for the 9th seed play-in.

Not sure I follow. There will be no play in for the 9th seed. A 9th ranked team would be playing Memphis (unless Dallas, Houston or OKC have a meltdown in the standings and lose every game).

I don't understand how you don't get it. Portland or New Orleans will be 9th. They're not likely going to catch Memphis. Portland losing would be far more beneficial to New Orleans than Memphis losing.

I would think it's the other way around. New Orleans wants Memphis to lose. The Blazers have a ridiculous schedule so I dont really think that's as much of a concern as staying within 4 games of Memphis. The Blazers next 4 g.d James are against Boston, Houston, Denver, and the LA Clippers. After that they play Philadelphia, Tornto, and OKC if memory serves me right. If the Blazers make it to 8th place or hold on to 9th place, they'll deserve to make the playoffs.
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