7-31 NBA Bubble GT (6 games)

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Re: 7-31 NBA Bubble GT (6 games) 

Post#861 » by ocelot17 » Sat Aug 1, 2020 4:28 am

Mavs were definitely slacking off the last 3-4 minutes of the 4th quarter.
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Re: 7-31 NBA Bubble GT (6 games) 

Post#862 » by Homer38 » Sat Aug 1, 2020 4:28 am

LoneyROY wrote:Harden is an absolute monster.

49/9/8 on 70 percent.

While getting doubled every possession for nearly 2 quarters. :lol:

No doubt this is his best game in the 2020 season ... Only 6 missed shots and 1 turnovers in this game with that too!
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Re: 7-31 NBA Bubble GT (6 games) 

Post#863 » by BallerTalk » Sat Aug 1, 2020 4:38 am

To innovate is to become a thing not easily appreciated by the simple.


"When you cut out all the noise, you are left with one immutable fact: This Bubble is built for hoopers."
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Re: 7-31 NBA Bubble GT (6 games) 

Post#864 » by Lord Cuban » Sat Aug 1, 2020 4:41 am

RC is doing his thing again
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Re: 7-31 NBA Bubble GT (6 games) 

Post#865 » by Catchall » Sat Aug 1, 2020 4:53 am

Porzingis gave up the game-tying rebound and putback to a guy 7 inches shorter than he is. That's just soft, man.
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Re: 7-31 NBA Bubble GT (6 games) 

Post#866 » by Adam Stern » Sat Aug 1, 2020 4:54 am

Imagine you start doubling a guy 5 minutes into the first quarter and he STILL drops damn near 50 on you.
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Re: 7-31 NBA Bubble GT (6 games) 

Post#867 » by Jellybeans » Sat Aug 1, 2020 4:57 am

Catchall wrote:Porzingis gave up the game-tying rebound and putback to a guy 7 inches shorter than he is. That's just soft, man.

How did he gave away?That wasnt even his fault..PJ locked his hand under the basket..That rebound is on Maxi and Luka..Does two where just watching how ball bounced on the rim.Cov didnt even need to run under the basket to get that ball.He could walk under it and still would get
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Re: 7-31 NBA Bubble GT (6 games) 

Post#868 » by 2012NadalShadow » Sat Aug 1, 2020 4:59 am

Seth Curry was useless tonight. I have no idea why he was in the game over Burke who had it going tonight.

What a bizarre coaching decision to not leave Burke in the game when he was killing the Rockets.
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Re: 7-31 NBA Bubble GT (6 games) 

Post#869 » by KingDavid » Sat Aug 1, 2020 5:01 am

Catchall wrote:Porzingis gave up the game-tying rebound and putback to a guy 7 inches shorter than he is. That's just soft, man.

Knick fans have been torched by this for years apparently.

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Re: 7-31 NBA Bubble GT (6 games) 

Post#870 » by monopoman » Sat Aug 1, 2020 5:28 am

Catchall wrote:Porzingis gave up the game-tying rebound and putback to a guy 7 inches shorter than he is. That's just soft, man.

I always thought he was heavily overrated because he was a Knick and because he was one of the few Knicks that had some great games/moments at times.

Basically the Knicks fans and media were so desperate to have a bright spot that Porzingis became it, similar to Linsanity if Lin did that for any other team it would have gone more under the radar. It likely would have still got some attention but it blew up about 2 times bigger because he was a Knick at the time.
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Re: 7-31 NBA Bubble GT (6 games) 

Post#871 » by MrPerfect1 » Sat Aug 1, 2020 5:45 am

Infinite Llamas wrote:
skones wrote:
Infinite Llamas wrote:
Kyrie was the fakest of fake superstars and I saw him choke time and time again. I call it like I see it. I had no dog in the Raptors Bucks series and Giannis vanished in the crunch time the last couple of games. There’s no insecurity there.

Were you the guy who once had the Steve Zissou avatar or was that another Bucks fan? At least then I could enjoy the avi even if I disagreed with the post lol

A) AGAIN, That "fake superstar" is going to be a back to back MVP
B) That "chokes in crunch time" player just zipped up the body bag on your team IN crunch time, and stole Celtics souls after game 1 last year, IN the playoffs. There wasn't choking there.
C) I didn't go after the Celtics fans or the Celtics at all with my initial post. It was YOU out of insecurity, who took exception to it and decided to jump in and stir the pot. Like I said, lack of awareness.
D) I don't know what the **** you're talking about Kyrie.

I don’t give two **** about mvp awards

The Sacramento Kings could have eliminated the Celtics last year. The team was just that much of a train wreck. Freedom to maul players and run over them in crunch situations doesn’t necessarily make one a superstar

I have no issue with Bucks fans. Just sick of mesmerized eyes fawning over a guy who I think is criminally overrated and that the league is hellbent on promoting. His numbers are completely inflated by a monolithic usage rate...the maestro of box outs Lopez who sacrifices more rebounds than anyone in the game...nearly all of his assists are to wide open three point shooters because the other team has to create a wall in order to stop a freight train that travels and smashes into people without repercussion which also led to an inordinate amount of free throws that he didn’t quite capitalize on this year and at times made Shaq look like Mark Price. /stupidly long run on sentence

I don’t know why I brought up Kyrie. Just like to insult him I guess

-Lol, the League is obviously Hellbent on promoting Giannis. The League obviously wants the MVP to be in a major metropolitan city like Milwaukee. Also, helps with all of that huge Greek $$$$. It is also would explain why the League's closest TV partners talk about Giannis and the Bucks so much. I mean I think the Bucks were mentioned for 2 minutes a few weeks ago on 1 of the Nationsl shows.

The Shaq comment is just odd and ridiculous. Giannis this year shot a higher FT% than Shaq's best year ever. Maybe you think Mark Price was a bad FT shooter????
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Re: 7-31 NBA Bubble GT (6 games) 

Post#872 » by LAKESHOW » Sat Aug 1, 2020 5:46 am

I don't think any team in the league can keep up with that pace if they aint missin shots. Everything was dropping in the bucket
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Re: 7-31 NBA Bubble GT (6 games) 

Post#873 » by bondom34 » Sat Aug 1, 2020 5:52 am

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FoundANewSlant wrote:it's really fundamental defensive flaws exhibited here by Westbrook, PG, and Adams that put Melo into vulnerable positions here yet you can't recognize or explain it.

So Paul George is the reason Carmelo Anthony struggled on defense all these years...
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Re: 7-31 NBA Bubble GT (6 games) 

Post#874 » by Beacon » Sat Aug 1, 2020 6:16 am

I assume McGrady 13 points in 35 seconds was one of the 2 games.
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Re: 7-31 NBA Bubble GT (6 games) 

Post#875 » by Statlanta » Sat Aug 1, 2020 6:34 am

Lalouie wrote:
nikster wrote:Damn Harden is looking unstoppable. Getting to the thread, nailing that step back, threading slick passes in pick and roll.

"Hotter than fish grease" - the announcer lmao

every single person watching opened their ears on that one LMAO

He used it for the other offensive player of this era

Dwyane Wade should have never got FTs at the end of the 2006 NBA Finals Game 5
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Re: 7-31 NBA Bubble GT (6 games) 

Post#876 » by dockingsched » Sat Aug 1, 2020 7:08 am

bondom34 wrote:
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Beacon wrote:I assume McGrady 13 points in 35 seconds was one of the 2 games.

With that amount of games, guessing that’s only for this season.
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Re: 7-31 NBA Bubble GT (6 games) 

Post#877 » by Vlade Divac » Sat Aug 1, 2020 7:19 am

How about DeMar Tatum?
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Re: 7-31 NBA Bubble GT (6 games) 

Post#878 » by Kabookalu » Sat Aug 1, 2020 7:41 am

Derrick White is the Spurs' best player, change my mind.
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Re: 7-31 NBA Bubble GT (6 games) 

Post#879 » by Chanel Bomber » Sat Aug 1, 2020 10:17 am

Rainwater wrote:I don't understand why the Mavs don't take advantage of the KP mismatch in the post. Always on the perimeter.

Because KP’s not efficient in the post. He’s better facing up, scoring in transition and spotting up. But his post-up skills are severely lacking. You’re expecting too much of him.
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Re: 7-31 NBA Bubble GT (6 games) 

Post#880 » by robbie84 » Sat Aug 1, 2020 11:36 am

my god the refs gave the Celtics a bad game.
How many lives does Giannis get? I hope this was just rust for the refs because they took the Celtics out of a real chance of winning that game IMO. Considering how poorly Tatum played too, it was a decent outing.

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