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Post#1 » by BombsquadSammy » Sat Jan 9, 2021 9:35 pm

We each have opinions on this topic, but we live under the protocol that the NBA and its experts have deemed best. When one of y'all goes out of your way to (for instance) suggest that Harden wasn't wrong for doing X or Y and breaking protocol, or when you argue that the 'official' narrative is false/overblown and criticize people for believing it, or when you attack and insult those who disbelieve the 'official' narrative (which is their right, regardless what you think), you're breaking forum rules (derailing/baiting/trolling), even if that isn't your intent.

More to the point, all of that chatter falls outside the purview of the General NBA Discussion Board. We understand that some cognitive overlap is unavoidable given the state of affairs in the world and the pandemic's effects on team sports, but we need y'all to do your best to keep this forum on-topic and away from incendiary off-topic matters.

GB MOD GUIDANCE: No more diatribes about how the 'official' narrative is wrong and people are foolish for believing it, and no more insulting attacks against people who disbelieve the 'official' narrative. Only discuss COVID-19 developments and stories as they pertain directly to NBA basketball.

Additionally, when creating a new thread, carefully consider whether it might indirectly invite such off-topic discussion (i.e. 'Should they cancel the rest of the season?', 'How long until the NBA admits it needs to go back into the bubble?'). In essence, all COVID-related topics and discussion should tie directly to valid reporting on NBA media that concerns NBA basketball.

As examples:

- You may freely discuss how the current situation with the Sixers will affect the rescheduling of games, player conditioning, etc.;

- You may speculate about how future such incidents might affect the season in terms of scheduling, conditioning, player performance, etc.

- You're free to talk about whether play seems different without crowds and why, etc.

That's the level of discourse that's appropriate for the GB, and anything that goes beyond it is off-topic for this board and better fit for the Current Affairs board.

No questions or discussion on this one; this directive is clear and straightforward. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding!

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