RJ Barrett Over The Past 41 Games: 48/45/75 Shooting Splits

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Re: RJ Barrett Over The Past 41 Games: 48/45/75 Shooting Splits 

Post#21 » by theonlyclutch » Thu Apr 8, 2021 3:22 pm

Scalabrine wrote:
theonlyclutch wrote:Another perspective: RJ is shooting crazy hot from deep during this streak (unsustainable if FT% is a guide) but he is still scoring at below league average efficiency with 56.5% TS... Is that really a good thing?

How many games does it take for it to stopped being called a "streak"?

I could understand if it was 10 games or something, but it's been 41 games!

It's 3P shooting and hot streaks happen all the time, Tatum gave everyone in Massachusetts a boner with 51/47/83 splits in his first 41 games. Figures which he hasn't been able to match (or come close to) in subsequent full seasons, and that's with Tatum being a great FT shooter from the get go.

To automatically expect 40+% outside shooting in subsequent season with RJ's track record as a shooter until now is setting up for disappointment. So it is concerning that it takes RJ being this hot from 3 just to be league average efficiency as a scorer.
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Re: RJ Barrett Over The Past 41 Games: 48/45/75 Shooting Splits 

Post#22 » by Scalabrine » Thu Apr 8, 2021 4:12 pm

Karate Diop wrote:He looked pretty good against the Nets, was largely a liability on defense but he hit a few complex shots you had to tip your hat too. The key for his next level is to consistently hit the three, from there it's anyone's guess whether he can tighten his handles and learn to make plays for others... Headed in the right direction, but I can't agree with the Ja Morant statement. Morant is the leader of his team and #1 scoring option despite his struggles from three he's been the better player overall by a decent margin.

Most players are a liability playing defense against that Nets offense but I didn't really notice RJ being that. The previous game against the Nets he came up with some pretty big defensive plays in the clutch, which he has a knack for.

As far as consistently hitting from 3... he's shooting 45% from 3 over the past 41 games. That's pretty consistent, if you ask me. It's not on the volume of the elite shooters, but it's still on around 4 attempts per game, more than known shooter Tobias Harris. I'd rather him take good shots, in rhythm, getting his confidence up, then trying to force the issue.
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