Has Lebron finally outsmarted himself with the lakers?

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Re: Has Lebron finally outsmarted himself with the lakers? 

Post#41 » by kuclas » Thu Oct 14, 2021 12:06 pm

Lebron won a title with the lakers. Who cares what happens the rest of the time he’s there. How many 33.5 year olds can bring a championship to a team which has pretty much sucked since 2012 (Kobe last good year when he tore his Achilles and even than they barley got into the playoffs). Lebron did it in his 2nd season there.
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Re: Has Lebron finally outsmarted himself with the lakers? 

Post#42 » by SharpyShuffle » Thu Oct 14, 2021 12:26 pm

dans1230 wrote:I dont think we will see the Westbrook of the last few years this season playing alongside Lebron and Davis. Lebron will be the primary ball handler when hes on the floor and i suspect they will take turns resting so at least 1 of them is on the floor at all times. I think Westbrooks usage will be down considerably and will hold out on weather it will work or not, i need a 10 to 15 game sample to make that judgement. Even if it works though, i have the Lakers behind the Nets, Nuggets, and Bucks talent wise.
Westbrook is useless off ball though. Harden is also a much better player than WB, and the guy the Rockets team was built around, and yet the Rockets had to adjust to WB rather than the other way round.

But actually I think the more insidious problem is that WB will probably prove deceptively useful in the RS, taking weight off LeBron and bringing energy. Then in the playoffs he'll be trash as usual, and the Lakers won't have had any chance to get him to adapt.

I'm the opposite of most people who see WB's value as providing RS wins while LeBron takes it easy. All that does is indulge WB's desire to be the Big Dog. They need to use the RS to train WB to play D, cut off ball, maybe even lead the bench unit. If not, he's just going to be the same liability he usually is in the playoffs
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Re: Has Lebron finally outsmarted himself with the lakers? 

Post#43 » by TravisScott55 » Thu Oct 14, 2021 1:44 pm

Kobblehead wrote:Choosing Westbrook over Hield was absurd.

I will never understand it.

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