2021-22 RealGM Coaching Value Index: #22

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Which of these coaches would you hire for a randomly selected NBA team?

Poll ended at Sat Jan 15, 2022 7:51 am

Chauncey Billups (POR)
No votes
Dwane Casey (DET)
Alvin Gentry (SAC)
No votes
Willie Green (NO)
Jason Kidd (DAL)
Jamahl Mosley (ORL)
Stephen Silas (HOU)
No votes
Ime Udoka (BOS)
No votes
Wes Unseld Jr. (WAS)
Total votes: 12

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2021-22 RealGM Coaching Value Index: #22 

Post#1 » by ElectricMayhem » Fri Jan 14, 2022 7:51 am

Welcome to the 3rd Annual RealGM Coaching Value Index.

What is being ranked: Which current coach of an NBA team would you want for a random collection of NBA talent?

The nuance I'm aiming for in the question is that the coach starts out with a random selection of NBA talent (so voters don't necessarily imagine the coach with that coach's current team or with the voter's current team). That means they could just as easily be in a developmental situation or a competitive situation. Also, there is an opportunity for the coach to be there long term. That means that things like age and loyalty could play a factor.

In short, how would you rank the coaches based on their coaching ability, interpersonal skills, age, loyalty, big-game experience, etc.?

Or another way to think of it: Who would you pay the most to come to your team to coach before knowing who the players are?

To nominate the next coach you'd like to see added to the survey, write something like this:
Nominate: John Kuester

If there is a tie in nominations, preference will go to the coach more highly ranked the previous year. If neither coach was in the previous year, there will be a 10-minute flash-survey to decide who will get added to the next poll.
In the initial poll, I put the top 9 from last year (minus Brad Stevens) plus the coach of the previous championship team and the previous coach of the year.

2021-22 Coaching Rankings:
1) Erik Spoelstra - 37%
2) Steve Kerr - 26%
3) Monty Williams - 26%
4) Nick Nurse - 44%
5) Quin Snyder - 38%
6) Gregg Popovich - 29%
7) Tyronn Lue - 36%
8) Mike Budenholzer - 35%
9) Taylor Jenkins - 25%
10) Mike Malone - 35%
11) Rick Carlisle - 29%
12) J.B. Bickerstaff - 27%
13) Nate McMillan - 58%
14) Billy Donovan - 43%
15) Frank Vogel - 36%
16) James Borrego - 42%
17) Chris Finch - 27%
18) Tom Thibodeau - 41%
19) Doc Rivers - 47%
20) Steve Nash - 41%
21) Mark Daigneault - 33%

Coaches yet to be added to the survey:
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Re: 2021-22 RealGM Coaching Value Index: #22 

Post#2 » by jamaalstar21 » Fri Jan 14, 2022 6:18 pm

vote: Wes Unseld Jr.

I dunno though. I'm in my bottom tier now. Most of these coaches haven't shown enough to have a strong opinion on yet. Or have stacked up one too many failures (Gentry, Casey, Kidd) for me to rank highly until their next victory! Unseld wins by default because he's had some success this year. I'm definitely interested in all of these new coaches but it's just too early to evaluate.

Kidd is in a weird in-between camp. Everyone knows this story. Had wildly entertaining struggles in Brooklyn and Milwaukee. Lay low and won a championship as a high-profile assistant. Gets to coach a playoff team with a superstar, and its been mixed results so far. I'm open to Kidd becoming a good coach but it's too soon to give him the benefit of the doubt.
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Re: 2021-22 RealGM Coaching Value Index: #22 

Post#3 » by MrGoat » Sat Jan 15, 2022 2:25 am

Voted for Unseld. After a dive through the Wizard's stats that team is seriously overachieving even though they have some talent on paper.

After that half of these guys left I have to watch my Mavs bias for. Specifically Casey, Silas, Mosley, and of course Kidd all have ties to the Mavs I'll talk more about them as this progresses.

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