Weezy on Beasley

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Re: Weezy on Beasley 

Post#121 » by killacalijatt » Tue Oct 28, 2008 7:05 pm

Mr. Fundamental wrote:
B_Roy wrote:You guys are hatin on lil Wayne just cause majority of the people like him...... and then say that majority of the people have no taste. Maybe you guys are the ones with bad taste. I've tried to listen to Nas stuff and those other guys that you guys say are the "best" but they are absolute crap and I can't stand listening to their boring ****. Music is for people to dance to, to be entertained by, to sing to. That's what Wayne delivers. unlike your boys who you say are "poets" , just stick to poetry then.

Then you are not a rap fan and shouldn't be labeling Lil Wayne as rapper. He maybe something you can bust a two step to but he is not a "poet" as you refer them. I have no problem with your opinion, but what i do have a problem with is the majority of people saying that Lil Wayne is a rapper.

Justin Timberlake makes catchy music that people enjoying dancing to, but he isn't a rapper and if he was referred to as one im sure most true rap listeners would have a problem with this.

Lil Wayne falls in the same category as Akon, T-pain, 112, Neyo, Chris Brown, and many countless clones.

At his best he is background music to a rap song that's it. Just refer to My Life- The Game featuring Lil Wayne, he didnt rap he was just a background chorus and that's it, and that was probably his best song.

As for Kanye West he is not a rapper he is in some hybrid of pop which is rap leaning. That genre is starting to get bigger, you have a guy like Kid Cudi who is very similar. They are not rapping in the classical sense, they are rapping its usually slower over a upbeat happier beat, and their subject matter is less ghetto influenced. I think there is room for all this music to coexist and keep putting out good tunes i just feel it butchers the history of a music form when you mis-categroize something in a genera and refer to it as something it isn't.

+1 You beat me to it. I couldnt said better my self, Like i said earlier Lil Wayne makes club bangers sheat you dance to, which is good, you need that.
Lil Wayne should not be considered as a rapper. End of disscusion and Thread/////////////
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Re: Weezy on Beasley 

Post#122 » by CsBsSoxPhins » Tue Oct 28, 2008 7:08 pm

DFolks wrote:
bosFcelts wrote:I kind of wonder how much Lil Wayne people listened to before Tha Carter 3 that are making judgements about his rap. I can definitely see how people do not enjoy this album if they are into "true rap". But honestly, I was shocked when I listened to Tha Carter 3 as it is nothing like most of his albums preceding it. I was a little disappointed at first, but the album grew on me.

But still Tha Carter 2 >>> Tha Carter 3

His Dedication mixtapes and Da Drought 3 are very good too IMO.

I sure listened to WeezyFolks before the carter 3...the carter is his 3rd best album behind carter 2 and The Drought Is Over mixtapes #'s 2-6. the 1st carter was the awesome as well. fireman, go dj, fly in fly out , oh no, best rapper alive, tha mobb, hustler music, and this is the carter from the carter 2 are some of the best rap tracks ever. listen to those songs if you havn't and he was and still is a beast. His flow changed its more southern im high on lean and kush but still gangsta hood, then straight hood like it used to be. His style has changed for better and for worse, just depends who you ask.

Just to add on to this, from Tha Carter 2 I think that 'Get Over' is an absolutely amazing rap song. Passionate lyrics with incredible flow to it and it isn't just one of those songs about sex and money. It has real meaning to it that many people who have lost someone can relate to.
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Re: Weezy on Beasley 

Post#123 » by Mattya » Tue Oct 28, 2008 9:13 pm

Nobody is better than Kenny G.


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Re: Weezy on Beasley 

Post#124 » by DFolks » Thu Oct 30, 2008 4:42 pm

Beasley has to step up after a Weezy thinks he can be an all time great. After last night's performance, I expect him to be more relaxed and less nervous next game so I'd expect 20 and 6
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Re: Weezy on Beasley 

Post#125 » by Aventador » Thu Oct 30, 2008 5:23 pm

if u want music to dance, then you should seek out some Trance. Thug music in clubs is just for young people to pretend to be cool.
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Re: Weezy on Beasley 

Post#126 » by Buck You » Thu Oct 30, 2008 5:50 pm

"There will always be haters that's just the way it is
hater n***** marry hater b******* and have hater kids."
-Kanye West

Listen to what you want, it's really that simple.

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