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Re: Shaquille O'neal *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* 

Post#21 » by WesWesley » Wed Dec 10, 2008 10:57 pm

tsherkin wrote:
microfib4thewin wrote:Doesn't matter when the team offense is running like crap because Shaq has the ball all the time.

Misconception; the Suns offense was running like crap because Porter wasn't letting them get out in transition or PnR as often as they used to, even when Shaq was on the bench.

Volume of touches for Shaq is not the problem; if Porter wanted to do that, fine; implement a flex continuity system in the half court and then also emphasize wing PnRs. The Suns weren't moving at all when Shaq had the ball because they were running sets they weren't used to.

Under D'Antoni, they looked fluid and mobile in the halfcourt because they were always filling spots and reacting to each other; Coach D put together a really well-oiled, sleek offense in transition AND in the halfcourt. It was mostly defense that stymied them, and to some extent, the limitations of a one-star offensive system (you'll notice against the Spurs, Amare often popped off and they lost anyway because the Spurs tightened up on everyone else).

Under Porter, they look disjointed, even after a full training camp, because he doesn't know what he wants to do. Shaq getting 12-15 shots a game isn't a bad thing because he's still a high DrawF and FG% player who's an excellent passer... but you can't exploit his passing if the other guys are just standing around with defenders on them. That's on the coach.

And as a team, they've looked horrible because Porter neutered their offense and hasn't actually done what he was supposed to, which was improve their defense. They don't look any better there and that was his supposed specialty.

None of these things are the result of Shaq's presence on the court or his volume of shots, but of coaching errors. Lately (and for like 30 games last season), the Suns have had a nice mix of running AND dumping it into Shaq when they needed to, which worked out well for the Suns under Coach D and was unfathomably ignored by Porter as a starting point for the foundation of the team's offense.

great post. I agree with you. Porter has been underachieving, but he was never anything special when he coached Milwaukee.
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