Better Scorer: Gervin or Kobe

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Better at scoring?

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Re: Better Scorer: Gervin or Kobe 

Post#21 » by Colbinii » Fri Oct 18, 2019 8:45 pm

bledredwine wrote:
Colbinii wrote:
bledredwine wrote:Honestly, I’d take Kobe.

He had the full repertoire.

But Gervin is no joke. He had like four scoring titles and was the first guard to win multiple championships, or something along those lines.

Still, from watching, it’s just hard to top Kobe’s scoring ability. And when he was on fire? Dear lord.

Gervin was never close to winning a championship. Many guards won multiple championships before him and they played with the GOAT Bill Russell.

Gervin only made it to the second round 3 times, even including his ABA years.

I meant titles, not championships. He was the first guard to win multiple titles (scoring), in a row. It’s something like that.

I know that he was championship-less.

Yeah and he had a chance to win another if it wasn't for Dantley/Moses. I believe he won 4 in 5 years.
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