Ben Gordon vs Gerald Wallace

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Better peak

Ben Gordon
Gerald Wallace
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Ben Gordon vs Gerald Wallace 

Post#1 » by durantbird » Mon Feb 22, 2021 12:54 am

Who had a better peak?
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Re: Ben Gordon vs Gerald Wallace 

Post#2 » by penbeast0 » Mon Feb 22, 2021 1:29 am

Wallace and it's not close. Ben Gordon had a nice peak as a pure shooter but for a short time there, Wallace was a beast.
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Re: Ben Gordon vs Gerald Wallace 

Post#3 » by Dr Positivity » Mon Feb 22, 2021 6:21 am

Depends on the team. Gordon was ahead of his time offensively and would have loved to chuck up 9 3s a game in modern day, but in his time he was still a good gunner. Wallace shooting is a serious offensive problem but he was a nice defender and slasher. I think Wallace peaked higher but only for about one season.
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Re: Ben Gordon vs Gerald Wallace 

Post#4 » by Littel » Mon Feb 22, 2021 10:11 am

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Re: Ben Gordon vs Gerald Wallace 

Post#5 » by rand » Mon Feb 22, 2021 10:20 am

Wallace was an impact player on both ends of the court. Gordon was always a poor defender. But peak Gordon would be so much more valuable today than he was in his prime. He'd be jacking up 7-8 3PAs/game.
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Re: Ben Gordon vs Gerald Wallace 

Post#6 » by GYK » Tue Feb 23, 2021 11:26 am

Wallace. Crash wasn’t that far off as a scorer even if drive/cutting dependent while possibly being All Defense worthy. Also better as a rebounder. Neither notable playmakers.

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