2002-’08 Kevin Garnett or 2003-’09 Kobe Bryant

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Which player for 7 years?

2002-’08 Garnett
2003-’09 Kobe
Total votes: 37

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Re: 2002-’08 Kevin Garnett or 2003-’09 Kobe Bryant 

Post#21 » by DCasey91 » Thu Apr 8, 2021 8:50 am

All time ranking they are very close but for me there’s way too much theorycrafting with Garnett in the “what if” department.

People undervalue high as heck volume on above average efficiency over High effeincy lower volume.
Garnett definitely needs a person who can score.
It’s a very robust system with Kobe (Very portable as a 1st/2nd option as history shows). He’s also had very low TO%’s which is an underrated aspect of his game.

It’s like Nash vs Stockton. I have a gap between the two

There’s a big flaw in one system (defense) which can’t ever be ignored.

This one is closer, If Garnett left earlier then who knows but we don’t do we?
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Re: 2002-’08 Kevin Garnett or 2003-’09 Kobe Bryant 

Post#22 » by OdomFan » Thu Apr 8, 2021 9:35 pm

I'll take Kobe and another quality PF over KG and another quality SG for my team.

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