Historic player most resembling Luka

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Re: Historic player most resembling Luka 

Post#41 » by dcstanley » Thu Jun 10, 2021 7:16 am

I get the Harden comp but I think Luka's game is more diversified. As effective as Harden is, his game isn't all that varied-- he's either shooting a stepback three, driving to the paint for a floater or layup, or driving and throwing a lob/kicking the ball to a shooter. As mentioned previously in this thread, Luka's game is more spontaneous. At times he'll get in the post and back a smaller defender down or shoot a post fade and other times he'll get to the midrange and shoot off-balance jumpers ala Kobe and MJ. I don't think he's as dependent on the stepback.
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Re: Historic player most resembling Luka 

Post#42 » by KobesScarf » Fri Jun 11, 2021 5:01 am

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Re: Historic player most resembling Luka 

Post#43 » by feyki » Today 7:34 am

He's like Harden,Lebron but with Bird's shooting and playmaking efficiency. I think he has showed that he's GOAT level of offensive player.
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Re: Historic player most resembling Luka 

Post#44 » by JLei » Today 3:47 pm

Harden crossed with Pierce is probably the best description.

18-21 Lebron if we had to go with 1 player. In terms of being able to run pick and roll and post up and matchup hunt but destroy help with their passing.

But their shooting splits are really different. Lebron dominates at the rim, Luka shoots a lot of mid range jumpers.
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