18-19 rockets vs 15-16 warriors

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18-19 rockets vs 15-16 warriors 

Post#1 » by falcolombardi » Wed Nov 24, 2021 3:58 pm

both teams that couldnt be more different but also kinda similar in how they took the league by storm with relatively "new" aproaches that exploited traditional teams to the limit through 3 point shooting and small-ish ball lineups

one was a bit of a villain with their less than universally beloved stars and disliked style (rockets) the other more of a hero with the charisma of Stephen curry and the popularity of kerr approach

warriors arguably had more luck even before durant (winning a ring in a year without great and healthy competition ) as compared to rockets who had to face two teams (warriors both) on average even stronger than the thunder/cavs warriors went esaentially even with

which stretch do you think was better in a vacuum? and what if we limit the discussion to 2016 vs 2018?

and for a fun bonus question, which one influence the league more going forward?

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