Huerter: Getting better on D is just a matter of "changing a mindset"

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Huerter: Getting better on D is just a matter of "changing a mindset" 

Post#1 » by _s_t_u_r_t_ » Thu Jun 18, 2020 4:01 pm

Huerter quote from PTH:

“Obviously I think defensively, we’ve got to get better. It’s changing a mindset. It was very easy for us sometimes to just try to outscore people,” said Huerter. “We can score, I feel like with anybody... but we didn’t always go back and compete on the other end... I don’t think we took enough pride in it, we’d just go back and try to score more than them on the other end. In a lot of ways, it’s a change of mentality. Winning teams play defense. I think we’re definitely capable, we showed different times in different games, at the end of games when we can put together a good defensive stretch when we need to but it just wasn’t consistent enough.”

Sorry. There is not going to be a demonstrable change in the outcomes just on the basis of players, in effect, just telling themselves


After two seasons, either your defensive abilities are evident, or they're not. This roster needs to see Hunter and Reddish distinguish themselves in 2021, and quite possibly, Huerter and our #1 pick need to be dangled for a high-end veteran wing who represents a significant improvement on defense... depending, of course, on what's out there that can be acquired, and that's its own other question.
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Re: Huerter: Getting better on D is just a matter of "changing a mindset" 

Post#2 » by Ball4life32 » Thu Jun 18, 2020 9:16 pm

Clearly he is saying the team was inconsistent defensively.....Hawks did play 5 guys 22 or younger 25+ mins a game (more young guys than anyone). I mean even good defenders in the league usually struggled earlier in their careers.

Did Collins not improve on D from year 2 to 3? I mean Huerter has yet to even have a healthy offseason & you’re saying he’s toppped out on D at 21? Imo he absolutely can improve but he won’t ever (or does he need to be) elite defensively for the Hawks to improve....

Let’s not forget the Hawks tied with the Warriors for the worse 3pt % in NBA. Also no one outside of Trae & Huerter avg 2+ assists a game(& Schlenk has said Hawks need a secondary playmaker). I don’t agree on dangling that package for just a high end defensive wing assuming they are flawed offensively & just don’t see any realistic two way wings that fit the timeline available.
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Re: Huerter: Getting better on D is just a matter of "changing a mindset" 

Post#3 » by HMFFL » Thu Jun 18, 2020 11:33 pm

Working on our strength and conditioning and making it a priority will be a good start.

I don't believe now is the time to shop Huerter but in the short-term I do believe our front office will be forced to move some of our key young players.
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Re: Huerter: Getting better on D is just a matter of "changing a mindset" 

Post#4 » by Radioblacktive1 » Fri Jun 19, 2020 3:43 am

As long as we keep Cam and Collins I’m game

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