Schlenk's most probable FA target who most likely signs--Jakob Poeltl--and the repercussions of that

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Schlenk's most probable FA target who most likely signs--Jakob Poeltl--and the repercussions of that 

Post#1 » by _s_t_u_r_t_ » Sun Jun 21, 2020 5:07 pm

More than one national NBA writer had Schlenk talking to SAS about Poeltl at the deadline. Poeltl checks all of the Schlenk "essentials" boxes--able passer, dribbler, and though he's not proven himself beyond the arc, he's nonetheless a capable scorer. He also checks the boxes that Schlenk has specified he's interested to acquire specifically in this cohort--at the end of his rookie contract and plausibly postured to emerge as a significant asset, even to the point of being able to challenge for a starting position eventually. Indeed, it doesn't seem a stretch to say he could develop into something that is slightly better than Capela has proven to be.

The question that would follow a signing of Poeltl is whether Schlenk tries to hold on to Skal, his own RFA big. I think he would b/c I think it's easy to envision Skal as a credible talent in a John Collins mold, and Poeltl as the same where Capela is concerned.

And the question that would follow that is... whither Bruno?

Bruno's situation is its own situation, and none of what's going on with anyone else on the roster matters, imo.

That is, if he develops into something special next season, taking time away other bigs, great--it would be just a repeat of what happened in Maryland when he flashed good things in his freshman season, and then came back in his sophomore to become a legitimate and exciting force.

But there's no pressure. His first season, as it was for Hunter and Reddish, was truncated, and it was further complicated by his mother's unfortunate death. So from where I sit, the 19-20 and 20-21 seasons will constitute his rookie season, and I'm in no hurry to expect very much from him, even at the same time that I remain bullish on his future to the degree he continually keeps becoming more assertive when he's on the floor. Besides, Dedmon's contract is only guaranteed for 20-21, which further fits well with Bruno's development.

Having said all of that, it's also not hard to imagine a reunion with Millsap, because we know that Schlenk has commented extensively this past year about how much he's come to appreciate the idea of having that aging-but-productive veteran presence on the team (thanks to Vince). Or if not Millsap, a player like Aldridge--presuming SAS decides they've hit their ceiling and need to begin their next transformation--could be part of a trade (given our cap space, a one-year rental is certainly still feasible) that accomplishes the same.

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