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Re: Around the NBA (4.0) *Non-Celtics Talk* 

Post#1981 » by Triple7 » Thu Oct 10, 2019 11:05 pm

Marley2Hendrix wrote:
CeltsfanSinceBirth wrote:
Turgon wrote:Rondo did what a lot of us wanted to do :wink:

Seriously though, hope he gets well soon. Don't want to beat that **** while he's down. Want it to be fair and square.

You're taking a huge leap of faith in assuming he'll even step foot in Boston again. That dude will injure his brain trying to come up with another 5 minute excuse as to why he left for the Nets.

I mean, it'll make sense in 10 years when KD/KI adopt a baby together, thereby announcing their domestic partnership?

There's like a 5% chance of this happening, right?

To be clear, not meant to be inflammatory in anyway. If Vegas had odds on this, I'd drop $100 on it just to salvage hope that the move was motivated by a secret love story rather than Kyrie's petulance.

Kyrie is one hell of a drama queen, together with drama princess KD. They are meant for each other :lol:
This is my order of hatred based on some of their annoying posters. First, the Nets, Sixers, bucks, and then the Raps. Some of the nets fans are delusional. They could have been great had KD been healthy. That’s never going to happen again ever. Chances are he goes back at the start of the 2020 season, and would take around a season to return to form, to probably, 70-80% of his old self, which won’t be good enough. I could be wrong though, but given his age that time, pushing 32-33yrs, i don’t like his chances. The bucks are great because of Giannis. They key would be to find ways to stop him. Same goes with the sixers. If we can’t defend embiid, then we’ll have a problem. The good thing is that, they don’t have that many shooters from outside. The raps would be a good regular season team, but come playoffs, they would have a problem. They don’t have a go to guy. Siakam is good, but he really lacks a reliable offensive moves. I think we have a shot at the 3rd seed, depending on how we gel. That’s a lot on Brad now. If we really want to challenge the bucks and sixers, we need to get a defensive big. RWill is just not ready. Anyways, just beat the nets and the raps, we have no business losing to them.

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