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Re: Prediction thread 

Post#21 » by zoyathedestroya » Wed May 15, 2019 10:54 pm

More wish than prediction:

AD and KD to Boston
Boogie and Rozier to Knicks
Kawhi to Clippers
Butler to Kings
Klay to Lakers
Middleton to Mavericks
Kyrie retires and finds true happiness in a farm tending to llamas and emus.
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Re: Prediction thread 

Post#22 » by jmr07019 » Thu May 16, 2019 12:46 am

Bleeding Green wrote:
jmr07019 wrote:
Bleeding Green wrote:Warriors sweep the Blazers, Raptors beat Bucks, Warriors sweep Raptors.

Kyrie goes to New York, Davis stays in New Orleans (DO NOT **** THIS UP, DAVID GRIFFIN), Horford stays in Boston, Butler stays in Philly, Kawhi goes to the Clippers, Durant goes to New York, Klay stays in Golden State.

Why do you want Davis to stay in NO? You think we have a shot at him in FA w/ Kyrie in NY?

I want Davis to stay in New Orleans because I'm so tired of every star forcing his way out of a small market and teams obliging them. Stop doing this, please. Even when it apparently works, like in Indiana, great you're two years removed and you still haven't made it out of the first round, meanwhile the guy you traded was an MVP candidate for much of the season.

Cleveland, you did really well trading Kyrie. Kudos. Enjoy the next 5 decades of suck.

The Pelicans just hired a new GM and they literally just lucked into Zion Williamson, so go build a good team. Don't trade Davis for a bunch of middling players from Boston, New York or LA. You're just going to do the same thing with Zion in 4 years when you look at your roster and you're paying Jaylen Brown the max and Zion wants out. If Davis wants to go sign in LA after his contract is up, good for him. But until then, build a roster and do something. 100 pct guaranteed if they trade Davis they'll get nothing useful out of it.

It would be cool to see guys stay with their teams a little longer. I agree with you that trading your star player... especially a guy like Davis,Kawhi, Durant, etc. ... doesn't work out well for the team trading the superstar. Not for nothing but Pels could have some money this summer. They would need Randle to decline his 1 year 9 million player option and to find a taker for Solomon Hill's 1 year 13 mil deal. If those things happen though I think they could get close to max space.

Jrue Holiday
Etwaun Moore

If they could land one of Butler / Middleton / Kawhi / Harris / Klay / Durant (on a slight discount) would be one of the better teams in the league next year.
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Re: Prediction thread 

Post#23 » by ajones9219 » Thu May 16, 2019 12:57 am

GSW over Bucks

Kyrie: Boston (anything else is media noise)
Horford : Boston for 5/90
AD: Boston
Kawhi: LAC
KD/Klay: GSW
Kyrie For Three
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Re: Prediction thread 

Post#24 » by Kyrie For Three » Thu May 16, 2019 1:01 am

Winner of ECFs wins it all.

FA and trades and offseason: CHAOS, ABSOLUTE CHAOS. :onfire:
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Re: Prediction thread 

Post#25 » by captain green » Thu May 16, 2019 1:39 am

Bucks beat raptors in 7
Gstate beat blazers in 5
KD: knicks
Klay: stays
Horford :stays
Butler and leonard: clippers
AD: bucks
Kyrie: he fell off the earth even though it is round
Cousins: lakers
Harris: new jersey
Vince carter: celtics
Ainge: retires at end of next season.
We always talk about there’s A-to-Z… really, there’s A-to-G or -E,’” Ainge told of a team’s typical offseason agenda. “This year, there’s definitely A-to-Z.” : danny ainge
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Re: Prediction thread 

Post#26 » by threrf23 » Thu May 16, 2019 4:20 pm

Kyrie to the Lakers. He considers Brooklyn but decides he doesn't want to play alongside Russell.

KD, Dray, Klay stay in GS

Butler - Clipps

Kawhi - no clue. San Antonio?

Vucevic to Lakers

Kemba to the Mavs

And the Knicks finally get the big 3 they've been wanting. They sign Dwight Howard and Carmelo Anthony as free agents, while trading DSJ and picks for CP3.
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Re: Prediction thread 

Post#27 » by zoyathedestroya » Sat May 18, 2019 11:59 am

How many of these predictions can we make?

New prediction that will last through the weekend:

AD and Kyrie to Boston.
Both Marcii retained.
Hayward and Horford are gone.
Another yet unnamed star to Boston.
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Re: Prediction thread 

Post#28 » by ZeroTolerance » Sat May 18, 2019 6:32 pm

Ok I'll play....can't no more than look foolish afterwards? ...(Not afraid to laugh at one's self)...

Bucks over dubs in six....

Morris and Davis to the Lakers...Lebron becomes the first official "GM / player"....He later becomes part owner as well, fires the coach and installs himself...

KD, Kawi and Kemba Walker to the Clippers... their owner has big pockets and isn't afraid to use them...NBA then initiates a Free Agency limit for next season...

Thompson and Green stay with GS...

Kyrie and Cousins to the Nets...

Butler stays in Philly

Horford signs reasonably and stays a Celtic.... Tatum, Brown, Smart and Hayward remain...We match the best offer on Rozier and Williams starts at center...We trade up in the draft and select a stud at PG...We sign UFA C Nerlens Noel and SG Malcolm Brogdon when the small market champ Bucks realize they can't keep everyone and thus can't match our offer...

Toronto, after losing Kawi to free agency, but armed with cap space, still cannot lure a top free agent...It appears that part of their problem is their playoff tee shirt's logo "We The North"...In a related development they give "Charles Barkley" a key to the city....triggering yet another hilarious episode from Celtics History Lesson....

Knicks end up pounding sand as usual after wiffing on their draft pick...Their fan base gets angry and burns down Madison Square Garden....ESPN provides the exclusive coverage... :D
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Re: Prediction thread 

Post#29 » by Celtics418 » Sat May 18, 2019 7:06 pm

A little late to the party but I'll throw in my guess.

Bucks over Dubs in 7
*Durant injury lingers

Kyrie, Durant & Horford to Boston

*Boston was the 2nd choice last time. Dubs do a sign and trade vs getting nothing.

AD - Lakers
*Lakers trade everything to get Davis.
Kawhi - Clippers
Butler - Philly
Klay - Dubs
DeMarcus - Dubs
Harris - Dallas
Kemba - Lakers
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Re: Prediction thread 

Post#30 » by chrisab123 » Sat May 18, 2019 10:36 pm

Kyrie and KD knicks
AD Lakers
Butler Lakers
Kawhi Toronto
Klay GSW
Horford Portland
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Re: Prediction thread 

Post#31 » by CelticFaninLBC » Sat May 18, 2019 11:12 pm

AD and Kyrie in BOS
KD and Kemba in NYK and they trade for Bradley Beal
Kawhi and Butlet to LAC
Klay and Cousins stay in GSW
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Re: Prediction thread 

Post#32 » by jirrit » Mon May 20, 2019 8:53 pm

GSW over Bucks in 7
- Kyrie and KD to NY Horford stays in Boston.
- Klay stays in GS. Butler stays in Philly
- Kawhi to LAC
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Re: Prediction thread 

Post#33 » by ThirtyFour » Mon May 20, 2019 10:45 pm

Kyrie leaves and does a ‘Passing the torch’ with Ray Allen.
Pierce: The Celtics don’t celebrate anything but championships. The guys are definitely motivated and the younger guys are hungry to get out there and do it again. Once you get a taste of that success you want more.
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Re: Prediction thread 

Post#34 » by zoyathedestroya » Sat Jun 15, 2019 12:03 am

KD to Knicks
Kyrie, DLo to Nets
Klay to Warriors
Butler to Clippers
Kawhi to Clippers
AD to Blazers
Kemba to Hornets
Boogie to Lakers
Conley to Pacers
Tobias, Redick to Sixers
Vucevic to Magic
Horford to Celtics
Brogdon, Middleton to Bucks
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Re: Prediction thread 

Post#35 » by jfs1000d » Sat Jun 15, 2019 5:14 am

ThirtyFour wrote:Kyrie leaves and does a ‘Passing the torch’ with Ray Allen.

We didn’t want Ray Allen until we wanted ray allen.

I battled this board. People told us Courtney Lee was better and was more efficient. Seriously.

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