Who's our 6th man?

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Who comes off the bench this year?

Total votes: 92

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Re: Who's our 6th man? 

Post#21 » by Slartibartfast » Mon Jul 1, 2019 9:19 pm

Patsfan1081 wrote:
threrf23 wrote:Any reason people are voting for Smart over Hayward?

To me, Smart needs to be in the starting lineup. He helps us set a tone out the gate. Sandwich him in between Kemba and Tatum and he can focus on defense and dirty work. If you make him the 6th man, you risk awakening his hero complex and bringing out the worst in him

I just don't think he's as needed in the starting lineup as he was when Kyrie was here. Walker isn't a good defender but at least he doesn't take plays off like Irving. I also think Walker can be a better distributor also, I would love to see him and Brown in transistion.

Walker is a bad defender. He needs as much or more help than Irving.
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Re: Who's our 6th man? 

Post#22 » by Ascrilas » Mon Jul 1, 2019 9:47 pm

Voted Hayward.

He's the best at creating shots for himself and his teammates amongst these three, I could see him leading our second unit. Besides, I want as much defense as possible to help with the two liabilities in Walker and Kanter.

Starting Five: Walker - Smart - Brown - Tatum - Kanter
Bench: Hayward, Semi, Time Lord, Theis, Wanamaker (hope they're both back), Yabu, our rookie gang/some vet mins
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Re: Who's our 6th man? 

Post#23 » by return2glory » Mon Jul 1, 2019 10:23 pm

This is Hayward’s year to get back to his normal self. He won’t be and shouldn’t be coming off the bench.
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Re: Who's our 6th man? 

Post#24 » by jfs1000d » Mon Jul 1, 2019 10:35 pm

OFWGKTA wrote:Smart or Hayward, Brown isn't a good enough play maker to be 6th man.

Hayward starts and is a focal point of offense. Now with No Horford, Morris, Kyrie and Rozier, he will get shots and minutes .

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Re: Who's our 6th man? 

Post#25 » by Celtics_History_Lesson » Mon Jul 1, 2019 10:41 pm

Two of the above should come off the bench, or be traded. At least one should be traded.

Anyone who wants to break Tatum by playing him at power forward is someone trying to break the Celtics.

Would rather start G Williams at power forward.

K Walker, J Tatum, G Hayward, G Williams, R Williams.

Scoring, defense, two players who won't expect the ball and more-importantly won't demand it and be selfish and rude players.

You want to put those three scorers out there with two more chuckers, 2019-20 will be worse than last season.

If Hayward doesn't want to play, then replace him in the lineup. Obviously need to bring in a real NBA coach for that.

The Celtics coach already chased a player out of Boston by forcing them to play center when they were a power forward, why would anyone want him to injure or chase away shooting guard Tatum by forcing him to play power forward?
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Re: Who's our 6th man? 

Post#26 » by Parliament10 » Tue Jul 2, 2019 12:33 am

jfs1000d wrote:
OFWGKTA wrote:Smart or Hayward, Brown isn't a good enough play maker to be 6th man.

Hayward starts and is a focal point of offense. Now with No Horford, Morris, Kyrie and Rozier, he will get shots and minutes .

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This. Hayward should spend much of his time in the 1st Unit; probably from the start of the season.
Smart is more suited and more comfortable as our "Go-Go-Gadget" 6th-Man.
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Re: Who's our 6th man? 

Post#27 » by OldCeltics » Tue Jul 2, 2019 12:38 am

Brown is our 2nd best scorer on the team. Putting him on the bench is a mistake of epic proportions.
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Re: Who's our 6th man? 

Post#28 » by celticfan42487 » Tue Jul 2, 2019 1:12 am

Someone has to play PF.

We need to find minutes at the 1,2,3 spots for Kemba, Smart, Langford, Brown.

That's either Hayward or Tatum at PF, and probably both throughout the game as one sits.

I suspect it's Hayward as the starting PF because Tatum is paper thin and too weak for SGs let alone PFs.

And this team is only going as far as Brown/Tatum/Hayward break out.

So I think we start that way. And we hope Hayward and Brown force their way to stay in the starting lineup.

Remember our long term goal is to win a ring, not win a few extra regular season games and be say the 5th instead of 6th seed this year. That means prioritizing minutes for Brown, Tatum, and at least 15 mpg for Langford.

Smart isn't going to get any better, and Hayward MAY dramatically increase his value OR he may prove his career is over and he's a vet min player. But until that's done, start Hayward at PF and start Brown at SG. Worry about regular season wins much much later after we get our all-star ducks in a row.
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truth18 wrote:
Boogie! wrote:Tldr? Thanks?

**** most of my sub forum. We used to be tight here, I'd love to post here again on occasion like I used to.
Love your squad.
Going to the finals.
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Re: Who's our 6th man? 

Post#29 » by sam_I_am » Tue Jul 2, 2019 1:21 am

I voted Hayward because he’d be the best at it. Smart is only one not in contract year. Brown excelled off bench at end of year. I’m okay with all of the above. As long as all 3 get 32 min. we are good.
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Re: Who's our 6th man? 

Post#30 » by Diamondman07 » Tue Jul 2, 2019 1:47 am

Though I think Smart should start, I picked him as the 6th man as he can backup Both guard spots
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Re: Who's our 6th man? 

Post#31 » by Fencer reregistered » Tue Jul 2, 2019 1:38 pm

Tough call. I certainly want 48 minutes with at least one of Walker and Smart on the floor. I also want 48 with at least three of Walker, Smart, Brown, Hayward and Tatum. And by the way -- if each of those guys were to play 32 minutes in a game, that would total 160, which isn't THAT much more than 144, which is the figure for 3 x 48. So staggering their minutes makes a lot of sense to me.

Further, all of them except Walker can handle some minutes as undersized PFs, but staggering their exposure to that role (even beyond what's implied by switches) might help preserve their bodies.

At the moment I'm persuade by the argument that, in every minute that Walker sits, BOTH Smart and Hayward should be on the floor, unless one of the rookies (presumably Edwards) forces his way into some PG minutes. That suggests at least one of Smart or Hayward should start games on the bench (my previous view was that Brown should).

I really want the symbolism of Smart being a starter and indeed team captain. So I guess I want Hayward to come off the bench. But if Danny predicts he'll wind up trading Smart anyway -- which I'd support for a major star but not for anybody lesser -- I guess he can go back to the bench in the mean time.
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Re: Who's our 6th man? 

Post#32 » by Green89 » Tue Jul 2, 2019 1:46 pm

I think Scal was right about Grant Williams playing heavy minutes this season. That's what it's looking like if we don't add a power forward.
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Re: Who's our 6th man? 

Post#33 » by amory87 » Tue Jul 2, 2019 3:54 pm

Brown and Hayward need to be really good for the Celtics to have much success at all, so I think they both need to start.

Smart is a great 6th man and (maybe more importantly) he's mostly ok with being a 6th man
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Re: Who's our 6th man? 

Post#34 » by tfribs45 » Tue Jul 2, 2019 4:52 pm

until Hayward proves he can get back into form... You absolutely start Cobra and Brown. Cobra for his energy/defense and Brown can be explosive. Hopefully Brad starts detaching a little bit and put his big boy pants on...
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Re: Who's our 6th man? 

Post#35 » by flintsky21 » Tue Jul 2, 2019 5:29 pm

Smart because it won't allow the opposing "weak" backcourt defender to cheat on matchups as much. And as stated already, Smart would be the one to be able to take coming off the bench the best. Brown is the youngest of the 3 and could be the least mentally prepared to take a bench role again. On the other hand, I believe starting Hayward could be the quickest way for him to regain his full confidence back (whether it ever comes back is another story).
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Re: Who's our 6th man? 

Post#36 » by ZeroTolerance » Tue Jul 2, 2019 7:47 pm

I'm sticking with Gordon Hayward...He's best suited to enter the game at the 6 minute mark and you put guys in positions they are familiar with to to begin the year...If it dosen't work out, then you make a change..

Agree that all of them should play 30-35 minutes.. Got a whole season to play with to determine their roles...

Thinking today's power forward / center additions will add a new wrinkle...So lets see where that goes...Having athletic bigs who can block shots, rebound and finish will add a new dimension that will need a couple of guys on the court at all times to feed them...Thus we need to balance those team needs for team benefit....Having guys who can distribute and others who can finish on the court at the same time (all of the time) would be ideal IMO...I think our pace is going to quicken overall with Kemba calling the shots...But that also means that guys are gonna tire more easily too....Which lends some credence to having someone fresh coming off the bench to keep the pressure on the opposition all of the time...

And by the same token, as was the case last year...I don't give a crap about salaries paid or pecking orders....Its the fit that counts.. Lets see who fits best on the court together at the same time and go on from there...
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Re: Who's our 6th man? 

Post#37 » by vct33 » Tue Jul 2, 2019 8:12 pm

Brown’s ego would be the most easily bruised so I say it’s between the other two. Both can facilitate the offense. I do like the idea of Smart and Walker playing together but I gotta go with Smart as the 6th man.
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Re: Who's our 6th man? 

Post#38 » by ZeroTolerance » Tue Jul 2, 2019 8:22 pm

vct33 wrote:Brown’s ego would be the most easily bruised so I say it’s between the other two. Both can facilitate the offense. I do like the idea of Smart and Walker playing together but I gotta go with Smart as the 6th man.

After last year, I can see where you are coming from....But this is a new cast of characters and a new year...

I'd rather start out fresh and hope that they all leave their egos at the gym door...

And BTW.. Brad should tell them all to stay away from social media....and have a Patriots' type straight faced response when dealing with reporters...Let those guys earn their money the hard way... :D

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Re: Who's our 6th man? 

Post#39 » by Darth Celtic » Tue Jul 2, 2019 8:24 pm

Playing smart as first PG off the bench, and primary backup at PG/SG should get him 32 mpg. I love him starting, but JB has to be there. He has to be the all star SG, if not for us, for trades.
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Re: Who's our 6th man? 

Post#40 » by ZeroTolerance » Tue Jul 2, 2019 8:49 pm

Slartibartfast wrote:Walker is a bad defender. He needs as much or more help than Irving.

Maybe not bad.. But certainly just average... Smart should start alongside him....This is going to be the determining factor IMO as to whether or not Smart goes back to being first guy off the bench...if the Walker / Brown tandem can hold the opposition, then perhaps Smart could enter later?

If not, then i expect Smart plays heavy minutes...But he's tough as nails and can handle the load....

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