Celtics sign Kaiser Gates

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Celtics sign Kaiser Gates 

Post#1 » by GoCeltics123 » Thu Sep 5, 2019 6:45 pm

Read on Twitter

^^^^This was the guy I saw, who I said kinda looked like Derrick White, that came out of the practice facility when I walked by about a week ago.

GoCeltics123 wrote:Hey guys so take this FWIW but I walk by the Celtics' practice facility on my way to work most days, and today on my way home I saw two guys that looked like players go out the front door. The thing is, I didn't recognize either of them. One was like 6’5-ish and looked kinda like Derrick White of the Spurs the other was like 6’1 and kinda looked like Ben Gordon but it wasn’t him. He might've been a trainer or something.

Could've been nothing, could've been a player that got worked out, idk.


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Re: Celtics sign Kaiser Gates 

Post#2 » by LarryBirdsFingr » Thu Sep 5, 2019 6:56 pm

Ah yes another three point shooter
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Re: Celtics sign Kaiser Gates 

Post#3 » by Roddy » Thu Sep 5, 2019 8:00 pm

He is an usual suspect for sure

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Re: Celtics sign Kaiser Gates 

Post#4 » by OldCeltics » Thu Sep 5, 2019 8:01 pm

Kaiser Soze?
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Re: Celtics sign Kaiser Gates 

Post#5 » by Bleeding Green » Thu Sep 5, 2019 9:09 pm

Looks reasonable. Probably just a body for training camp of course, but I like the one-piece shot and if he can hit 38% he'll have a spot in the league, especially if he's adequate or better defensively. And with a 6'11" wingspan, he has plenty of length.
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Re: Celtics sign Kaiser Gates 

Post#6 » by zoyathedestroya » Thu Sep 5, 2019 11:37 pm

After one preseason game...

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Re: Celtics sign Kaiser Gates 

Post#7 » by Celtics_History_Lesson » Fri Sep 6, 2019 1:15 am

Kaiser Gates is that new real estate development just north of Springfield that is being built by Blaupunkt.

It isn't far from the parks and creeks and wildlife of Tremont Waters.

When you have a chance to sign someone who had a college career-high for points per game of 7.2 you have to sign them.

Yes, he is just a nobody signed to sit there and sometimes practice when others are resting. Nothing to see. Would be a lot more fun if the Ainge Cartel would sign someone with potential, instead of someone they saw at a G-League workout.

It doesn't really matter, as Tacko should be spot 15 on the roster.
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Re: Celtics sign Kaiser Gates 

Post#8 » by Ernest » Fri Sep 6, 2019 10:21 am

How long before someone says he will start for us this year?
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Re: Celtics sign Kaiser Gates 

Post#9 » by Curmudgeon » Fri Sep 6, 2019 4:45 pm

I would have preferred Keyser Soze.
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Re: Celtics sign Kaiser Gates 

Post#10 » by 31to6 » Fri Sep 6, 2019 6:48 pm

Ernest wrote:How long before someone says he will start for us this year?

Kemba's best utilized as a bench scorer anyway.
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Re: Celtics sign Kaiser Gates 

Post#11 » by Parliament10 » Fri Sep 6, 2019 7:13 pm

"The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist."
~ Keyser Söze
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Re: Celtics sign Kaiser Gates 

Post#12 » by Dogen » Sat Sep 7, 2019 12:08 am

zoyathedestroya wrote:After one preseason game...


:lol: This one’s got layers of meanings
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Re: Celtics sign Kaiser Gates 

Post#13 » by cloverleaf » Sat Sep 7, 2019 10:13 pm

NESN trying to claim he's competition for that 15th spot with Tacko's name on it. Bwaha!
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Re: Celtics sign Kaiser Gates 

Post#14 » by neno » Mon Sep 9, 2019 12:32 am

Idk, Waters or Tacko for 15th the other and Jontay Porter on 2year two ways feels good to me
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Re: Celtics sign Kaiser Gates 

Post#15 » by Fencer reregistered » Thu Sep 12, 2019 12:17 am

I just went through the thought process:

-- "Kaiser" is German for "emperor".
-- Who would name a kid "emperor"?
-- Actually, a lot of kids are named "Caesar".
-- Actually, "Kaiser" is probably derived from "Caesar".

Oops! :)

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