Chucky Brown, an Orlando Woolridge to Michael Jordan (Tatum), a Ricky Davis to LeBron, a Monta Ellis to Curry.

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Trade Chucky Brown for:

Superstar forward/center.
Draft picks.
Complimentary, perfect fit, player(s).
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Chucky Brown, an Orlando Woolridge to Michael Jordan (Tatum), a Ricky Davis to LeBron, a Monta Ellis to Curry. 

Post#1 » by Celtics_History_Lesson » Mon May 3, 2021 3:57 am

Is Orlando Woolridge to Michael Jordan.

Is Ricky Davis to LeBron James.

Is Quintin Dailey to Michael Jordan.

Is Eddie Jones to Kobe Bryant.

Is Eddie Jones to Dwyane Wade.

Is Antoine Walker to Paul Pierce.

Is Kelly Tripucka to Isiah Thomas.

Is George McGinnis to Julius Erving.

Is Shavlik Randolph to Kelly Olynyk.

Is Monta Ellis to Stephen Curry.

Those who don't understand whose team it is, and there are at least three Celtics who refuse to acknowledge, they continue to hurt the team.

Big minutes, big pay, so many shot attempts, lots of empty stats.

Chucky Brown, 1.7 assists. Scottie Pippen, 5.2.

Chucky Brown, 1.7 assists. Ugly Bogut, 2.2.

Chucky Brown, 1.7 assists. Bobby Jones, 2.7.

Chucky Brown, 1.7 assists. Glen Rice, 2.1.

Teams traded the flashy "star", someone making the scene, being seen, showing off.

Who they gave the minutes to, sometimes the exact player that was acquired, a much better fit with the team's real superstar.

Ricky Davis went from 19 shot attempts, to 14 next to LeBron to being traded. The Cavs got Battie, turned him into Anderson Varejao, went to the Finals.

George McGinnis, a scoring machine, is easy to find, but Bobby Jones, a great and versatile defender who could lead the league in shooting percentage, is not famous but is rare and more useful for a team.

Career passing numbers used, above. If turnovers added, would look even worse.

Historically, teams that jettison the second "star", because they are just a worse version of the team's real superstar, win.

While not a mathematician, this is mathematically-illogical.

Player names redacted.

Player T scores 60 points.

Player T is quite good.

Player B decides that next game they will take more shots than Player T.

Team loses.

Something like that seems to indicate they are another Monta Ellis.

The Celtics turned Ricky Davis into Ray Allen.

A Walker wasn't right for the Celtics next to Pierce, but was good for Wade and Shaq later.

Players and times need to fit.

Chucky Brown was a huge upgrade at the position over Avery Bradley, but not a fit now.

Nobody better say that McHale and Parish didn't pass. They passed, and were a perfect fit, on a team that had the best passer ever, plus two guards who could pass the ball too. Perfect fits. For offense, and defense.

There are many players who would be great fits.

Just a random pick, the forward/center in Houston. A Canadian.

17 points, 10 rebounds, 7 assists, 3 steals versus the Knicks.

He is like Ray Allen, Bobby Jones and Ugly Bogut all rolled into one.

You could even exchange ball hogs.

John Collins in for Chucky Brown.

Win-win trade.

It is the fit. Instead of playing Chucky Brown and Semi Ojeleye, the team has John Collins and Fournier.

As weird as it sounds, a Draymond for Chucky Brown trade, it might make Boston a lot better.

Even weirder, and you would get something extra back in the trade, DeMar DeRozan would mean more passing and versatility.

Chucky Brown for Jimmy Butler, as Miami already traded away their best player to Houston, maybe they will clean house in the offseason.

Name teams that had ball hog sidekick and actually won.

Can't say Warriors, they had passing at nearly every position.

Heat, no again, the two main players also passed the most.

Shaq Lakers, the cure for that was nobody else shot the ball, because if Fox, Green, Shaw, Lue and Horry take one shot a quarter it means plenty of shots for the ball hog, who got more than 4 assists per game anyway.

Name any team built around two scoring swingmen, not that Tatum doesn't pass and defend as well as score, who actually won.

If someone says the sport is new, and Brooklyn are the way, then point out that Harden and Irving and Durant all pass the ball a lot more, and a lot better, than Chucky Brown.

Chucky Brown doesn't want to, and does not have the skills to, be Pippen.

Even overpaid, always-injured Hayward is a better sidekick to have around.

None of this is an insult or complaint. Orlando Woolridge could get 23 points a game. Eddie Jones was a great player. Ricky Davis had exciting, and varied, hairstyles in Boston. Just bad fits they were, with some of their teams. That Glen Rice and Antoine Walker were three or so inches taller than Eddie Jones, that changed the rosters when Jones was moved, the adjustment made the team better.

The important thing is to protect the team's only superstar, and surround him with players that fit, and want to fit.

Tatum cannot have others undermine his authority.

Is unacceptable for any player on the roster to think they get more shots than Tatum.

Completely unacceptable.

Bad coaching too.

If foreign teams did not exist, the Celtics would be last in their division. Last.

Batman did replace Robin with a new version.
Markelle has Faults, Lonzo can't Ball, Jayson Tatum is the best player in his draft.

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Re: Chucky Brown, an Orlando Woolridge to Michael Jordan (Tatum), a Ricky Davis to LeBron, a Monta Ellis to Curry. 

Post#2 » by threrf23 » Mon May 3, 2021 5:01 am

In fairness to Jaylen, on the season he is taking slightly fewer shots than Tatum, is scoring slightly more efficiently, and is averaging 3.4 assists per game. He has shown flashes of being a good, unselfish complimentary player in addition to a second scorer.

The better analogy here IMO is Jeff Green to Kevin Durant. Maybe he is Jeff Green on steroids instead of benzos, but the point is mostly just that they play the same positions and similar roles, and hence are arguably underutilized alongside one another. And even where the opposite might be true, there are likely many fans and GMs who theorize that Jaylen is being held back by playing in Tatum's shadow. Many thought that way about Jeff Green, main reason he wasn't a star was because KD was in his way.
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Re: Chucky Brown, an Orlando Woolridge to Michael Jordan (Tatum), a Ricky Davis to LeBron, a Monta Ellis to Curry. 

Post#3 » by BK_2020 » Mon May 3, 2021 12:55 pm

Jaylen would be far happier on a sucky team jacking up bad shots. It's really best for both Jaylen and the Celtics that they part ways this offseason.
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Re: Chucky Brown, an Orlando Woolridge to Michael Jordan (Tatum), a Ricky Davis to LeBron, a Monta Ellis to Curry. 

Post#5 » by Bleeding Green » Mon May 3, 2021 5:57 pm

Did Monta Ellis score more efficiently than Steph Curry? I missed that part. Probably your worst thread yet. Fix your **** ENTER key.
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Re: Chucky Brown, an Orlando Woolridge to Michael Jordan (Tatum), a Ricky Davis to LeBron, a Monta Ellis to Curry. 

Post#6 » by 31to6 » Mon May 3, 2021 6:19 pm

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Re: Chucky Brown, an Orlando Woolridge to Michael Jordan (Tatum), a Ricky Davis to LeBron, a Monta Ellis to Curry. 

Post#7 » by GWVan » Thu May 6, 2021 1:10 pm

You are completely wrong in your thinking but masterfully done nonetheless
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Re: Chucky Brown, an Orlando Woolridge to Michael Jordan (Tatum), a Ricky Davis to LeBron, a Monta Ellis to Curry. 

Post#8 » by Ernest » Thu May 6, 2021 6:30 pm

I feel like I'm watching that Adam Sandler movie where the guy goes off on him about nothing making any sense and everyone being dumber for having listed to it. These posts have gone from "I guess it's funny but I just don't get it" to stupid.

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