OT: Meme stocks

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Re: OT: Meme stocks 

Post#121 » by Celtic Esquire » Wed Jul 14, 2021 4:59 pm

SmartWentCrazy wrote:B) Uncle sam is gonna come for 40% of that profit as an FYI; just dont want to see you get surprised if your brokerage didnt auto-deduct taxes when you file your return at year end

I held it for less than a year so the tax bite is going to hurt, but just going to use the profit to pay for some of it.

Shorted AMC when it was $40.25 yesterday so already making some money on the short.

Is a downward rocket emoji that I can post? For luck? :lol:
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Re: OT: Meme stocks 

Post#122 » by jmr07019 » Thu Aug 19, 2021 8:07 pm

Crypto not meme stocks but Cade is taking his signing bonus in Bitcoin and has partnered with crypto bank blockfi. This on the heels of NFL #1 pick Trevor Lawrence did something similar. BULLISH. Hope you guys have been buying the last month or two.

Read on Twitter

Edit: turns out it is his blockfi signing bonus and not his nba signing bonus he is getting in crypto. So less bullish but still bullish. More and more athletes are rocking laser eyes on Twitter
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Re: OT: Meme stocks 

Post#123 » by threrf23 » Sun Sep 12, 2021 9:19 am

Not meme stocks, but NFTs, and basketball. Free to mint rn (just gotta pay gas fees, which aren't ridiculous atm).

"fives is a randomized lineup of the best ballers in history - stored on-chain"

There are at least 8000 random 5-man lineups, made up of NBA greats, NBA greats from specific nights, and random dudes like Brian Scalabrine and Delonte West. Many of them have been minted already, but many are still available.

I think the idea is that a gamified ecosystem will be built around these lineups moving forward. Plus this NFT **** is crazy, so who knows these free NFTs could make you a few bucks or more.

For those with Metamask, minting should be pretty easy via the website. For those etherscan literate...

This is where you can check if a lineup ID has already been minted:

(click the search icon)

This is where you can preview a lineup before you mint it:

And this is where you can mint (i.e. "claim"):

This is the best of my small stack so far...


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